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Meet UCU’s Indomitable Guild Président- Mirembe Racheal Sserwadda



Mirembe Racheal Sserwadda is one such role model, one of only 10 ladies who lead the hundred biggest universities in the country.

Well lucky for UCU, they got the perfect recipe to their ever dynamic private institution.

The 24th UCU Guild Govt boss is almost 7 months, 210 days into her role atop UCU. Currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Law degree in fourth year, the female boss has established herself as a role model and an agitator, trying to fulfill what she promised the electorate in her manifesto.

UCU has a leader and friend in one lot for a guild President.

On a one off, HE Mirembe is not only a selfless individual but also a hardworking lawyer that has showcased the highest degree of excellence in her reign as Guild President.

Well, with deep insight to what she has achieved, Mirembe has won the fondest of student’s hearts and the administration too that seems to nod to approval to her innovations and proposals.

The improvements done by the Racheal govt are far from being theoretical to being vividly practical. Ranging from, ‘The health Awareness weeks, keep UCU clean drives, the revival of the guild run, to the initiation of the solar project,’ – this and many more are not something to underlook, but only with great anticipation of more to come.

Her two predecessors, Kadaga Timothy and Agaba Kenneth Amponda, had big dreams of increasing the guild fund and turning it around from annually reducing. Having ditched the ucu guild run due to the COVID pandemic in the 2020/21 regime, Racheal insisted she remains proud and true to the initiative, and has had the happier task of setting course for a future by reviving the run, which has increased the guild fund and acted as a safety net for many.

On a one-off, HE Mirembe is not only a selfless individual but also a hard working lawyer that has showcased the highest degree of excellence in her reign as guild president.

On any usual day, bump into a bevy of nice looking belles from UCU or a swarm of mean-looking basketball players and take heart to ask them what the suave president has done for UCU? It’s only heaps of praises that I got as replies.

“It’s no rumour nor secret that her allowances were sliced. Me personally it would turn me off!” stated one of the footballers.

“she’s not the typical Guild President who will eye the fat paycheck that comes along as an incumbent to the juicy post but rather willing to work for us,” added another.

Refering the matter to H.E Mirembe, she says that she doesn’t fill the pinch of that as the right motive was the reason why her allowances were cut.

“It’s not about transactions, but about relationships,” she kept repeating.

It’s now no doubt that she will not only rubs shoulders with success but also soil herself with hardwork and mentorship from within, after she descends the guild throne

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