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MakGuildRace: Mitchell Hall Endorses FDC flag bearer Justus Tukamushaba Ahead Of Friday 15th July Polls



As Makerere University goes for polls on Friday 15th July 2022, one of thé famous and rébellious hall of résidence Mitchell hall endorsed Justus Tukamushaba in thé closed held yesterday at Mitchell hall.

Following the suspension of our guiid presidential candidate Mwesigwa Calvin Mugambwa (MCM)
whom we believe was the best candidate and whose candidature was not a personal or party making decision but onc of the solidarity and he student commuity statement from thé Chairman Mitchell hall

The Mitchellex solidarity has boen approached and engaged by diferent political parties including

Afer thorough discussions with thesc candidates and nei
representatives and a clear look at their aspirations and plans for the student community, he added .

We the Rats and Elders of Mitchell hall in solidarity with our beautiful partners the crocodiles from Complex hall, take a monumental step forward today as Makerere celebrates 100 years of existence
to liberate this university from all forces of tyranny, oppression, and suppresston ot students
and freedoms that has been masterminded by the junta and a number of opposition figures in this
University, statement from Elders fourm

We reattim our commitment towards restoration nd revamping the glory of the student’s guild through giving Makerereans hope and direction especially at this time when this university is at a
crossroad in the fangs of student’s enslavement by administration says Mitchell speaker.

Premised on such a background, we endorse H.E. TUKAMUSHABA JUSTUs, the flag bearer of FDC and Noth Cote in the ongoing guild elections.

We therefore request and beseech all the residents of Mitchellex Solidarity and the entire student’s
fraternity to join and rally behind the JUST US generation because; You Are We, We Are you

Justus Tukamushaba is , a second -year student of construction management at Makerere University has been endorsed by Mitchell hall ahead of Friday Polls

Justus Tukamushaba is is set to compete with other candidates such as Dangote NUP flag bearer (FDC), Namiirembe Blessious UYD flag bearer, Mpiirwomugisha Ntendeere ANT flag bearer, Martin Wandera indépendent, Prosper Ahabwe indépendent, Hussein lbra NRM flag bearer and thé rest of UPC and JEEMA flag bearers

Makerere students will go for polls on 15th july 2022 to vote for their next Guild Président

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