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MakGuildRace: Makerere’s Unsung Activist Prosper Ahabwe Vows To Sue Makerere EC If His Name Doesnt Appear On The Ballot Ahead Of Friday 15th July Polls After EC Disowned Him As A Duly Dominated Guild Présidential Candidate



There was drama and confusion between the Electoral Commission, the University Administrators last week when Prosper Ahabwe was thrown out of the list of the duly nominated candidates on account of marks.

However it appears that Prosper Ahabwe has marks as he was issued a Certificate of Academic standing from the Academic Registra this Monday. Ahabwe says the initial failure was due to missing marks which were since recovered and thus he qualifies to get nominated.
When the EC refused to consider him, Prosper Ahabwe aka Brigadier has sworn to go to court and secure an injunction blocking the Friday elections.

The Six steps of change man who has been seen advocating for System and Policy Reform was recently fronting a slogan titled Blacklisting mafias. It however stands unclear whether the mafias have blacklisted him before he gets to them.
Other sources say some mafia-backed candidate is against Ahabwe’s nomination since they tried to buy him without success.

Appearing last week on Urban TV during the Guild Presidential debate on Sunday, Ahabwe defended his position as to why he is running independent and not on any political party. Ahabwe who is said to have performed best on that debate said he will go to Court to tomorrow to secure his candidature

Makerere goes to Polls on Friday 15th July to vote their prefered candidate

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