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MakGuildRace: Ahereza Racheal Dominates Polls At School Of Built Environment Ahead Of July Polls



The rumours are finally phasing out of the students’ fraternity. It is now on record that Ahereza Racheal is in the 88th polls. The proud Marystuart l hall resident and GRC hopefu aspirant l is silently flaring like the wild Australian fires. She is on ground winning converts at a tremendous ratio. Speaking to some of the Construction and Management students, majority say they are likely to go with the composed complete charismatic politician to be their GRC. ‘We are banking on her exposure, experience and courage to have her as our own,’ one of the elders from school of Built Environment told our snoop.

‘The sharpness of Ahereza Racheal is like that of an ancient Greek warrior’s sword. The depth of its cut is only determined by the vigour of the fighter,’ revealed another elder. ‘Now is not the time for politicking, we want a leader who will serve and that’s all enshrined in Ahereza Racheal as a person,’ she added

The hope for the Built Environment lies in the hands of a young intelligent, charismatic, brave, outspoken, vibrant and determined woman identified as Ahereza Racheal , a leader without question, the best of all the contestant and a leader with integrity.

Ahereza ‘s uniqueness in smartness , appearance and aggressiveness leadership paves her a direct win ahead of July Polls. Ahereza leads to inspire others and the entire Makerere University.

Majority of the students have pledged to shower her with lots of votes on the voting day in the closed meeting held yesterday during thé collège présidential debate

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