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MakGuildRace : Jubilation Rocked it Out in Kikoni As Justus Tukamushaba Declared Makerere FDC Presidential Flagbearer Ahead of Mid July Polls



University politics never got hotter, more exciting, more interesting, or even more unpredictable like they did yesterday. It was on a hot evening when the sound of vuvuzelas around the students guild canteen alerted everyone of the FDC flag primaires that went in history on Monday . Huge crowds of students gathered at Student Guild canteen waiting for Justus Tukamushaba , to come and officially be declared as the FDC guild presidential Flagbearer as many had predicted that he would win FDC primaires.

 He came with a large crowd of supporters from North Cote one of thé famous and rébellious hall of résidence At Makerere University , where he had bought each one of them drinks. The excitement punctuated by noise and the sound of vuvuzelas heat up when he came to the venue being carried by one of his supporters ahead of debate and FDC primaires that en des late in thé nights

 It got so much hotter in the evening time when the FDC électoral Commission started counting votes whereby the former flag bearer Obed, wanyera simon, micdad the LC5 Makerere University showed up at the venue.
Makerere FDC party members and Justus diehards went crazy as they carried him up in the air to this seat, others rolled down in the ras they sang songs in praise of FDC and in honor of him to celebrate thé win for Justus Tukamushaba after being declared thé official party flag bearer

One gentleman ran around in the nights waving justus’ poster caught everyone’s attention as his extreme loyalty and support for justus could not go unnoticed. Despite the fact that it was apporaching to night hours , he seemed completely unaware of the darkness

Another excited dude jumped over rails carelessly and he badly fell hit his back on the floor, making the people around burst in laughter and wonder if he had not broken his back.

LC5 Makerere University Micdad in his speech reminded everyone that he has never lost any election that he participated in and clarified that this guild presidential election wasn’t going to be his first to lose. This seemed to be a ray of hope to the guild presidential contender. Micdad pledged his full support to the flag bearer Justus to make sure that FDC wins this election this time round.

He urged the supporters present to campaign for Justus far and wide like its their own election. “ Make known to everyone that justus is going to win this election. Take this election like it’s your own. Campaign for Justus as if winning this election is the only thing you will do before you die. Take this election like a matter of life and death.” Micdad said.

Justus’s manifesto entailed removing impurity of any kind from the University. He vowed to redefine the future and be the voice of the common Student whose voice cannot be heard. He promised integrity above all and to stand up for all to see the future of Makerere University redefined.
This won him a round of applause with everyone saying “ justus génération.”

Manful the FDC Makerere chapter Chairperson handed over the tools of power which included the FDC flag and the symbolic blue key to Justus Tukamushaba and declared him the party Flag bearer are winning his rival Saviour Kicaber in thé récent concluded primaires

The event ended with music in honor of the FDC party as justus and his team moved to halls of residence and Kikoni for more campagin sessions.

Regardless, it’s now harder than ever to tell who exactly is going to be the 88th Guild President. Everyone has equal hope of winning the guild presidential election. The aspirants include;

Hussein lbra of NRM, Dangote NUP flag bearer, Namiirembe Blessious UYD flag bearer, Mpiirwomugisha Ntendeere ANT flag bearer, Ahabwe Prosper Indépendent, Martin Wandera indépendent candidate and other candidates un mentioned from JEEMA and UPC party.

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