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MakGuildrace: Makerere’s Feminist Atukunda Sasha Declares Her Bid To Run For MUACESA Presidency Ahead Of Friday Elections



Atukunda Sasha says she is committed to building ‘democratic and progressive MUACESA cabinet ’ as battle for Musana’s successor heats up.

The lron lady Sasha has announced she would make her bid for MUACESA ’s presidency in this year’s election, ending this week of suspense following a surprise truce

The announcement last Friday at campus packed with political bigwigs and hundreds of supporters followed speculation that the 21-year-old – who was the face of Makerere’s politics had struck a power-sharing deal with the outgoing president MUACESA to secure her backing for the top job.

“I do hereby accept to present myself as a presidential candidate for the MUACESA presidential elections of the 8th of July 2022,” she declared to raucous cheers, adding that he was committed to building a “democratic and progressive MUACESA in our lifetime”.

“I am in this race to mould one indivisible Association,” she said.
A mainstay of Makerere’s politics, the former Speaker MUACESA – fondly referred to by many as “public Speaker ” remains hugely popular despite in the race late

The truce, known universally as “the handshake”, sparked speculation both the outgoing President and former Speaker MUACESA had made a pact that would see Sasha Atukunda succeed Samuel, a one-term president who cannot run a second time since he is a finalist.

On Friday, Atukunda hailed Samuel for his “foresight and sense of patriotism in initiating the dialogue that led to the handshake”.
“It takes a seasoned statesman to shake the hand of her rival In the course of our discussions, we agreed that MUACESA is greater than the two of us.”

Sasha will face a difficult fight against her new rival, Wamozo Timothy, who was previously promised Samuel’s backing for the top position in exchange for his support.

Sasha positioned herself as a leader looking to upend the status quo and stand up for the “hustlers” trying to make ends meet in the Association

Although Samuel’s Association has not officially declared its backing for Sasha, several MUACESA figures attended Friday’s convention at guild canteen, underscoring the president’s support. Sasha arrived for the Declaration of Unity rally to unveil her intention to run for MUACESA’s presidency

Earlier last week, her classmates announced their support for Atukunda Sasha ahead of Friday’s elections that will kick off in the morning.

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