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Revealed : Kyambogo University guild president merged with the administration to arrest students carrying out peaceful demonstration



Asection of Kyambogo students  today have been arrested today over peaceful demonstration on the several issues such as surcharges ,Missing marks in the portal among others issues  that affect them as students.

The students rose up to have their burning issues raised to the the University top management,these were led  by GRCs Nalubanga Hanifa Kasim, the GRC private students,Wafula edrine spearheaded the protest. They  were arrested together with Kakungulu Samuel, Nkwanga Michael  the Student,Uzi black, Obiara Ben, Mukibi Isaac and Akis Benjamin  by armed military and police officers.

It’s aledged that the guild president and  the office of the guild speaker  kyambogo University  First  called off the students General assembly on grounds that they are working for the Senate not the students from the sources we received the information.

It’s also revealed that the guild president bugged over 10million so as to do all what it takes for administration.

In the organised General assembly students wanted to express their grievances on the famous surcharges and missing marks as it they are risking their Education at the Alma mater.

However students still wonder the kind of the selfish fish guild president they elected because its the role of the  guild president to fight  for the students not to work for the administration.

More updates coming on the another amount of funds that the guild president was given today because of  merging with the administration so as to arrest the common students.

  More updates coming

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