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Another Kyambogo University student beaten by Pearl security guards



its now becoming ahabbit of Pearl security beating up the students of kyambogo University as it has been witnessed in several occasions.

This came after beating another student last week whose name has not been identified upto now and some of the Pearl security Men still insists that they Will continue to beat up the students until they displine them.

it’s remembered that the first incidence occured after the the two security men beat up Kyambogo University football Captain known as Oluuka at the small gate which is  commonly known as the mosque gate. This was witnessed in the video that went viral on various watsup groups.

student say that the security men’s don’t respect them and some of them don’t understand English and  other common languages like luganda ,so it becomes difficult to explain to them so as to enter the University.

It’s remembered that on 23rd-06-2022,the Vice Chancellor Prof Elly Katunguka released a notice which stated that he received various complaints from students, stuff and the public against the security provider Pearl security.

The complaints included, extortion of money by the security guards, language barrier , poor customer care and loss of properties from the Areas under the guard.

The Vice Chancellor also mentioned that some stuffs where planning to attack and beat up the guards.

The Vice Chancellor requested for the students and stuffs to be patience as the management plans to investigate and take corrective action into the matter.

However upto date nothing has been implemented by the Vice Chancellor as the guards still continue to behave the same.

Students says that they are tired of this company mistreating them as if they are not part of the the University even when they try to explain to them.

The students therefore threatens to take another step if the management don’t take action into the matter with the immediate effect.

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