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MakGuildRace: Makerere Opposition leader Justus Tukamushaba Returns Home From SafeHouse Where He Was Abducted Ahead Of July Polls



Makerere opposition leader has returned home after four days in un destination, saying the Makerere needs a change from the junta.
Justus Tukamushaba arrived in Makerere last week, thursday evening from where he was was kept from by unknown gunmen who questioned for supporting Dr.Kizza Besigye instead of President Museveni.
However he is back to begin from where he stopped. He told his cheering supporters that intimidation and political persecution are rampant in Makerere University where security forces are being used to silence the opposed students who have no voice to speak for themselves.

Justus Tukamushaba denied allegations from the students and public that he kidnapped himself and wanted to make a public stunt sothat he dominates news and outshine his rivals in the race .

However during the time of nomination, he didn’t make it at nomination venue since he was under arms of the gunmen who had adbucted him so this forced his team mobilize themselves to pick nomination forms for his behalf and return them to the Electoral Commission for approval.

Justus Tukamushaba shock the public with news when campasstv broke the news that he was abducted by unknown gunmen which created fear and tension from the public and his camp members especially

Justus Tukamushaba is among the top leading guild aspirants in the race vying for the top guild seat in the University

Justus running under FDC flag ticket, if he is given the FDC flag then is likely to beat his rivals hands down on 15th July 2022 voting date.

However today he was welcomed by by FDC members and his camp team from where he was abducted from by unknown gunmen .

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