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LumumbaHallDecides: The Battle For Lumumba Hall Takes Another Twist As A Group Of Council Of Elders Fronts Arinaitwe James Famously Known As AJ As Hall Sole Candidate Ahead Of 13th July Polls



The battle for Lumumba hall takes a twist with Arinaitwe James Famously Known as Aj is in the lead

It is now nearly a year since the great Lumumba empire last produced a guild president. Their last shot that almost hit the target was last year’s Ssempija lvan’s bid which grabbed them victory across every college where ssempijja lvan had emerged as victor.

Lumumbists are charged in high spirits with great expectations of fronting Aj to carry the cross for them. Our sources have learnt that elders are likely to drop Hussein lbra as their sole candidate ahead of forthcoming hall primaries

Lumumbists reject chunks of Money, Vow to endorse Aj NUP’S dangerous substitute to Hold the flag For them Ahead Of July Polls

As Makerere University prepare for the 88th guild elections, intimidation, tension and political excitement continue to skyrocket day by day. Money in politics is also becoming a yardstick most guild aspirants hope to use in order to capture and conquer the minds of students.

The students residents of Lumumba, Marystuart hall under their umbrella lumbox solidarity vow to cast their ballots for AJ on Saturday in their formal guild primaries with an intent of getting a sole candidate for the upcoming guild elections

Following that factor, Lumumbists as the champions of all rights of Makerereans, vow not to betray the great Pan-Africanist Patrice Emery Lumumba who refused to be bribed by the Belgian government and later in 1962, was assassinated in cold blood at the age of 36 statement from Lumumba elders

As Lumumbists have always championed different revolutionary struggles at the Ivory Tower, reject being bought by the opportunistic Mafias at the expense of their own civil rights, says the Abias Lumumba empire

Regardless of the continued threats, the Empire dedicates to support a candidate with a competitive ideological capability who can speak and represent well Makerere University within and outside Uganda, Abias added

Who is Arinaitwe James?

Aj is a 23 years old Makerere University student pursuing Bachelor’s degree in medicine and Surgery who is a resident of Lumumba hall

Aj served as culture Minister and currently the information Minister Lumumba hall. He led a group of medics in 2019 to stage a strike called fees must fall which earned him a warning letter from the Vice Chancellor. Aj is an activist and student leader who stands with the opposed students.

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