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Lumumba Hall Elders Endorses Dr. Waguti Ayubu For GRC Lumumba Hall Ahead Of July Polls



The Lumumba elders endorsed Waguti
A fourth year medic student pursuing Bachelor’s degree in medicine and Surgery. GRC aspirant Waguti was endorsed on shortly after most Lumumbist seconded him as the good person due to his social status in the public view

Yesterday Makerere University EC committee released the roadmap of the Guild and GRC aspirants. According to the publication released indicates that GRC aspirants will be voted on 27th july next month and guild Presidents on 13th July.

“Iam’nt affiliated to any political storm but l believe in unity l have decided to step down for my brother Ayubu a head of Guild elections because l have seen him as competent leader of vigour among all aspirants in the race”.says a one former GRC aspirant

Lumumba hall vows to aspire and promises undying support for him. In a series of posts on his social media handles, Ayubu Waguti announced that he will be running for the position of GRC Lumumba hall on several occasions.

This struggle is always a work in progress,” Waguti said. He added, “The task before us is an uphill one, but the power of our resolve will be the steam that gets our train moving. In the coming days, I will share broadly about this noble aspiration and what I have in plan for us all.” said Waguti during the exclusive interview held with our reporter at Lumumba hall

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