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Makerere’s Feminist & Vlogger Dominates SLLC Polls As She Goes Viral Ahead Of July Polls



Arinaitwe Hannah aka the Miracle worker, a Makerere University second-year student of journalism joined the SLLC GRC race, has branded herself with a slogan, “The best for the best” which is making rounds in student’s whatsApp groups

Arinaitwe Hannah, who showed interest in the SLLC seat at the beginning of the semester in early May, has vowed to promote skills development to all journalist students. According to her diehard fans, the vibrant, yet inspirational young lady’s first step is to set platform creation to all students of mass communication

According to her agenda, the future journalist, writer, poet, Vlogger will also work in hand with the University Management to launch campus tv and radio fm for journalism students to carryout their practical work while in the field of work and also build confidence within themselves while working for big brand media houses

Arinaitwe Hannah plans to work on long-lasting students’ problems like;  delayed marks resulting from limited workforce

Arinaitwe Hannah goes viral with her digital campaign video, yesterday she thought it was cool to send a campaign video message to popularize her candidature. As the Guild race tightens in Makerere, several camps come up with different strategies to market their candidates. However some camps believe in money, joining a particular political party, composing a custom song or spreading false information on a rival candidate.

But Arinaitwe Hannah a journalism student in her 2nd year, is going all digital with her campaign. She posted a decent video which featured VJ emmy’s voice why students should vote for Arinaitwe Hannah as the next GRC SLLC ahead of July polls

The video is currently making rounds on WhatsApp and Facebook so you can watch.

Well, it’s pretty new for any GRC aspirant to share a digitalized video in the history of Makerere University guild elections but we hope to see more innovations and techniques during this election season.

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