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#MAKDECIDES2022: Scramble For Political Flag Ticket Gears Up , 14 Vying For Makerere University Guild Top Seat



As students at Makerere University prepare to go to the polls on July 13 2022 to elect a new Guild President, the political temperatures at the institution have hit peak-point.

The country’s major political parties are yet again exerting their influence on the forthcoming Makerere Guild elections. The political parties consider holding the highest student’s office at Ugandas most prestigious institution of learning significant. They are doing all they can to attain that office despite the university regulations outlawing party politics in the elections.

15 candidates are vying for the guild presidency, two of them carrying party flags, 10 of them are vying for the party flag and four independents.

The search for the new guild president of the oldest high learning institution in Uganda, Makerere University Kampala is back.

The campaigns kicked off over weeks backs 14 candidates aspiring for the prestigious seat as set to be nominated next week by EC

The contestants include, Hussein lbra who is representing the National Resistance Movement (NRM), Justus Tukamushaba, Mugisa Ronald Christopher, Kicaber Saviour, Bungo Patrick are the flag aspirants of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and Isaiah Ntendere of ANT, Namirembe Blessious of Uganda Youth Democratic (UYD)

Mwesigwa Calvin Mugambwa, Edwin Bbosa Prince, Nalwangu Edward, KK are the candidates vying for NUP card nextweek.Those who are independent include Martin Wandera, Honesty Bombardier, Prosper Ahabwe, Nankunda Rachel.

The aspirants promised heaven and earth while canvassing their door to door campaign.

As is the invariable tradition of this political season at the university, euphoria, tumult have become common features, with students putting all at stake to show and win support for their candidates usually former schoolmates, classmates, friends and party flag-bearers. Also notable is the apparent likelihood of the NRM winning this years election, which will be the partys first guild victory in almost a decade.

It remains to be seen whether NRMs Hussein lbra can beat NUP, Mwesigwa Calvin Mugambwa is from whose party comes outgoing Guild President Shamim Nambassa (NUP). NUP are reputed to have the best campaign machinery at the university by way of mobilisation and it will not be surprising if they retained the office. This year has presented no female candidate.

FDC’s Justus Tukamushaba, FDC’s Mugisa Ronald Christopher, FDC’s Saviour Kicaber together with ANT’s Isaiah Ntendeere Mpiirwomugisha as also not be ruled out, as the race still looks largely open for one of them to cause an upset.

However, on the whole, this years elections have proven a bit low-key compared to those of years gone by, with the aspirants seemingly spending less money and inciting less tumult than those before them.

Though the parties still continue to show prodigious interest in these national leaders of tomorrow seeking to emulate the likes of Nobert Mao, Kadaga Rebbeca, President Museveni who launched their political careers while still at university.

Campasstv brings you the top booming candidates and their profiles.

Hussein lbra
Age: 23
Course: B. Arts in Arts Year 2
Hall: Lumumba
Party: NRM.

Hussein lbra is the flag-bearer of the NRM in this years elections, and together with Justus Tukamushaba they are the front-runners for the Guild Presidency. He is the current youth councilor jinja city southern division, hence bringing with him baskets of experience in leadership. Hussein lbra promises to resettle the apparently disgruntled university by bringing its leaders to a round table with the government to find lasting solutions, and he promises to listen to the students without discrimination. He has won the support of the students. Coming from Lumumba Hall whose block vote, if won, is sizeable (Lumumba normally votes in agreement with Mary Stuart Hall which is the feminine part of the Lumbox solidarity) is only an addition to Hussein’s major strength of being the Hall-holder which is reputed at the university for teamwork and good mobilisation techniques. He promises to represent student’s interests by engaging administrators and the government to ensure good academic standards and observation of student’s rights.

Justus Tukamushaba
Age: 22
Course:B. Construction and Mangement
Year : 2
Hall; Northcote
Party; FDC

The last time FDC held the reigns at Makerere was during Kato paul’s reign and Justus Tukamushaba seeks to bring back those realms to the party. Soft-spoken and seemingly humble, justus Tukamushaba is a strong believer in change for the better and proclaims himself that change makerere needs. A professed party diehard from the Reform Agenda days, justus Tukamushaba poetically labels himself the Just us needed to trap Makerere’s problems, and he can not be ruled out, especially given his party’s strong brand.

Isaiah Ntendeere Mpiirwomugisha
Age: 23
Course: B. land construction ,
Hall: University Hall
Party: ANT

The former ANT Makerere Chapter Chairman looks to avoid external influence in the running of the affairs of the university, the reason he has come as under ANT. He attended a leadership training course last year and he comes with the argument that objective leadership rather than politicking is the solution to Makerere student’s problems. He says as an ANT he will have a reserved conscience without being pocketed by national leaders.

Mwesigwa Calvin Mugambwa is
Age: 23
Course: B.Medicine and Surgey, Year 4
Hall: Mitchell
Party: NUP

The flag aspirant of the NUP founded by Bobi Wine always carries a lamp as a symbol of transparency which he says he stands for. He argues that mismanagement is the greatest cancer eating away Makerere University and therefore promises to ensure that every thing is done in the light.

Namirembe Blessious
Age: 22
Course: B.Education. Sciences
Hall: Africa
Party: UYD

From the rocky hills of mbarara city comes this UYD flag bearer after winning the UYD flag to her rivals who withdrew and boycotted the elections. Namirembe Blessious stirred up when different students took on the mantle of presenting her to the public, and she can not be ruled out of this election, though beating Hussein lbra,Mwesigwa Calvin and Justus Tukamushaba may not come easy for her. She promises not to fear facing the big men tô discuss Makerere’s problems, citing student’s welfare as her priorities

Keep you posted with other aspirants in the next post …

Who is the big deal in the forthcoming guild elections ahead of July polls

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