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NUPMAKDECIDES: NUP Makerere Chapter Extends Deadline For Expression Of Interest Of Guild Président Vying Under The Party Flag Ticket Ahead Of July Polls



National Unity Platform (NUP) Makerere chapter extends the deadline for expression of interest in the party flag for candidates seeking to run under their flag

The chapter extends the deadline that was initially yesterday wednesday June 22nd, 2022 to Saturday June 25th, 2022.
According to the (NUP) National Unity Platform Makerere Chapter’s general secretary Nattabi Margret , sent a document that was making rounds on social media days back calling expression of interest of guild président

Speaking to Campasstv about thé reasons of extending thé date for applicants to fill required instruments inorder to be vetted and go through thé line of battlefield

Thé Chapter général Secretary cited that thé extension of expression of interest of guild président came as a result of lack of information from thé électoral commission has affected party arrangements, difficulties in accessing their académic credentials from différent college.

However she stated that this time if any candidate doesnt fill in thé required necessities to be granted to contest for thé flag ticket wont appear on thé vetting process on Sunday this week

On Monday, this week Makerere NUP Chapter speaker Chavez released the party’s delegates list who applied in the run up tô the primaries that will pick the final candidate tô represent the party in the guild presidential race

Here is thé list of duly nominated delegates

The Makerere University NUP Chapter General Secretary Nattabi, wrote a letter weeks back calling upon expression for interest of guild aspirants vying for the party flag

Makerere NUP chapter current is thé party most booming party that campus that makes students to dance to their tunes.

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