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Following the kyambogo university guild seating that was scheduled for today 22nd.

Guild representative councilors (GRC’S) that were entrusted with power by the students to represent them in the Guild council have later turned in to a disgrace. It’s pretty much unjust that after the just concluded elections where a one government emerged victorious.

We then expected issues to do with politics to end at that but to our dismay. A few GRC’S have taken advantage to fight whatever is brought on board.

Early this morning, a GRC meeting was scheduled to discuss matters concerning students welfare. Unfortunately, a few GRC’S with evil motives went political as they were spotted on red attires t-shirts some white in colour having logos intending to fight the ideologies instead of representing their fellow students.

It’s so sad that our leaders are more interested in refreshments and allowances as first priority and this was portrayed as some of them stood up with common attires chanting  “we want our refreshments and allowances” in loud voices

Matters to be discussed were, Delayed results, missing marks, students security, surcharges and many more
The seating was adjourned as some GRC’S went mud at other leaders.

However Information reaching our desk is  that some of these leaders a working on a move to fail the government as a way of strategizing for the next election.

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