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Exclusive Interview With Martin Wandera Vibrant Leader Who Is Aspiring For Guild Présidency Ahead Of July Polls



Djcampus : Talk about Yourself

Martin Wandera : My name is “Wandera Martin” aka “The Silent Dragon”, a second-year student of Makerere University; pursing a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology.

Growing up form a polygamous humble family, in a rural marginalized community with no network and very limited resources with no support, life has never been easy! (A community full of negativity); especially when you are told; “You’ll never make it”, You won’t do it”, You Probably won’t even high-school” and You won’t amount to Anything.

Then you come to Realize that “No Support was all the motivation I needed” Success hits different when no one believed in you. You Gather Yourself and begin to fight for your future; you develop new habits, self-discipline, dedication and full determination in whatever you set yourself to do, even when all odds are against you, you become Persistent and Resilient.

And Boom! You begin to achieve what they never thought you would achieve; you begin to accomplish many things and you raise far beyond the things they never could ever image anyone could accomplish.

“And this is the Story for the Majority of Us, Unlike for a few who are born with silver spoons in their mouth” but the good news is that, “Legends are born in the Valley of Struggle”

Djcampus : What Inspired you to Join Leadership?

Martin Wandera: Love! Deep Love! First, I wasn’t thinking about being part of the Makerere Politics, then one night while I was meditating on my bed, something phenomenon occurred to me! A deep conviction in my Spirit and I can honestly say, I was Inspired by God.

Everything Falls or Rises on Leadership. I saw that for many Leaders, they struggle so much to be elected into positions but thereafter, they do nothing to help the electorates but themselves.

The good news is that, while I will benefit by being in this Position of Guild President, the students will also benefit both generally and at individual levels as well.

I am Confident, I have something to give back to my voters

Djcampus : Incase, you are elected in July, what are you going to do for the students once you are in Power?

Martin Wandera: Transcript & degree Certificate on Graduation Day

I have made research and discovered some few weaknesses that always lead to the delay of transcripts & degree certificates, an issue that just needs a few engagements here and there and it’s sorted permanently.

Image walking away with your transcript and degree on the same day of graduation (Holding the graduation cap & degree on your hands as you celebrate). It’s Possible!

UGX 150,000 Per Month Facilitation for Our Dear Class Coordinators.

As Students, whichever course program we are doing, class coordinators are the most important leaders we have at university. They are directly responsible for our academic life, right from updating us with the timetables, collecting and handing in our assignments, missing marks, among others, they over work, sacrifice their life for us! (Everyone knows it well). And they, more than any other leader, need to be appreciated.

I have already engaged some international organizations and are ready to become monthly partners with my Guild government with monthly partnership support of USD 20,000, which is sufficient to facilitate our 430 class coordinators and more to be engaged.

Wouldn’t you love your Class Coordinator to be facilitated, they do so much for us! If Yes! Then I am the deal, Vote me! Vote Wandera Martin as your Guild President

Immediate & Thorough Renovation of halls of Residence (All at Once)

We cannot deny the unhygienic and horrific state our halls of residence are in as compared to halls of residence in other universities across Africa, Universities that we are so much superior of

Yes, there are some arrangements to renovate the halls by just painting only and partially beginning with Mary Stuart and Lumumba. But we need something better, something better than just paint, we need our floors to be tiled, state of art wash rooms, land scaping of the compounds and beautifying properly both the interior and exterior.

A special Committee shall be put in place that will come up with the renovation design proposals and an international Fundraiser will be conducted to raise the various funds needed to renovate the halls of residence to the standards as shall be determined by the “Committee for renovation of Halls” All Stakeholders will be involved in the process.

Installation of Compound Reading Seats Everywhere

Imagine having seats in under all trees, sufficient for everyone, where you can sit and read your books and discuss from. 20% of the Guild Funds will be allocated for this purpose.

Strong Internet Connection in All Areas

More WIFI boosters to be installed strategically to increase the strength of the MAKAIR, so, in whichever position you are, you have full connection

Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)

Thousands of Youths globally are making about $200 to $500 minimally me inclusive, others more than that each single month just by uploading short reports or eBooks (either created by them or not) on amazon.

If you can write Course Work Assignments of about 10, 20 pages, then you can become a self-published author on amazon and earn some dollars on every 28th of the Month, amazon pays once monthly. Sounds Good!

All you need is either a smart phone (which you have), or Laptop, internet connection (you already have access to it) and then the right kind of knowledge (which I will deliver to you in digital format on your e-mails). You don’t need to invest any money, usually, it’s purchasing the course, now for which I will give access to it free of charge). All I want is the vote.

Just imagine earning passively some dollars every 28th day of the month.

Learning Foreign Exchange Trading (FOREX) freely

Students will get to learn and master the skill of buying and selling Nations’ currencies and make a living doing it. Just like any other business, they will learn to buy one currency at a lower price and sell it at a higher price (the difference between their selling price and buying price will be their profit)

At such moments of life, when inflation is high, it’s inevitable to learn this skill for survival.

Djcampus : Students have been facing the security crisis at campus. How are you going to deal with it.

Martin Wandera : The security crisis normally happens at late hours in the night and in dark areas where there are many trees and with no or dim lighting. As the new Guild Government, we will map out those critical areas, install more bright security lights and high motion detection cameras

Whereas, all will be done, I encourage students to be vigilant and avoid the would be dangerous zones at night

Djcampus : Last year, almost 200 students didn’t graduate because of missing Marks. How are you going to make sure the issue of missing marks is put in order?

Martin Wandera : It hurt almost everyone who heard about it, for eligible students to miss out on the graduation just do to the weaknesses of some lecturers. I made research and found out that some lecturers deliberately for their own reasons make some students to have missing marks. But, As Long as I am Guild president, No Graduation will take place until it’s sufficiently well known that all eligible students for graduation have their names on the graduation list and book. At least, the Graduation dates can be postponed till everything is sorted.

Djcampus : We Heard that some courses were phased out, so which affected students. How are you going to ensure these courses are back?

Martin Wandera : We have to acknowledge that there is a lot of state interference with the things of the University which we have to deal with if it affects the dreams of many people. The reason they gave for phasing out these courses, is that they just think they are obsolete, something which is entirely different from the reality. It was Subjective rather than Objective.

First, we will engage the Human Resources of Various Organizations to get their feedback and if their feedback is positive for the various courses, we will present the objective case to Management and ask them to reverse their decision and Re-instate the courses, and if they fail, we will request parliament to intervene. I am Confident, We can get theses Courses Back!

Djcampus : What message do you have for all Makerereans?

Martin Wandera : Dear Makererean, I come to you and ask for your vote, make me Guild President and you can be sure that all the things I have talked about, am going to implement.

Not only am I going to do things that will benefit us as a whole but also you at a personal level, you will learn two (2) skills on how to make money online, a value of about Ugx 700,000, all given to you freely (on your personal e-mail) such that you can as well be able to survive and live while at campus and even after as you will still be hunting for a job.

I am the right person to choose, at least you are going to benefit more than any other person you would choose.

Djcampus : Are you standing as an Independent or coming in a Party? Reason?

Martin Wandera : I choose to come as an independent candidate. The reason being “My Ideology does not synchronize with the ideology of any party. I believe in absolute Truth and Empowering people at an individual level and I believe in the new era.

Djcampus : Who motivated you to run for Guild Presidency for Makerere University?

Martin Wandera : Inspired by God

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