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Amooti expressed joy and happiness after his first son graduated



Uganda’s known comedian Amooti Omubalanguzi who also alias as Allan Mujuuni Expressed happiness after his first name Alvin Cole Mugisha a 20-year-old graduated with a Certificate In Building Construction at the college.
The firstborn child graduated on Friday 17th-06-2022 at Nakawa Vocational Training College in Kampala.

This surprised Ugandans by the fact that Amooti would take his son to a technical college instead of taking him to big international institutions which he defended and said universities waste a lot of time teaching students things that are not important in their lives.

Amooti Said,” I am so happy today that my son has graduated, he was the best in his class and also he did something that he loves. I don’t support the idea of children studying so many things that are not important to them, if the child wants to plumb, take him/her to an institution where they will have hands-on rather than going through the long journey of the theory that won’t help them.”


Amooti advised parents to stop the mentality of thinking that children who come to technical institutions are failures, according to him, those that are in universities are failures because they do more theory work and those in institutions do more practical work that will help when they attain jobs.


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