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Mugisa Ronald Christopher To Run For Guild Presidency Makerere University Under FDC flag Ticket Ahead Of July Polls



Information hitting our scoop indicates that the revolutionary leader of all times, Mugisa Ronald Christopher has finally agreed to take part in the awaited FDC Makerere party primaries. His entry will sum up the number of aspirants to about two candidates among whom are: Justus Tukamushaba, Saviour Kicaber and others to register. However Kicaber camp seems undecided whether to part in the primaries or no citing a spate of controversies engulfing the party chapter.

In Last week’s chapter general assembly, Mugisa Ronald Christopher was spotted meeting a number of chapter delegates to whom he launched his agenda which threatened his rivals to tightened their belts

Other sources say Mugisa Ronald Christopher is likely to win the flag ticket since all delegates are whispering his in all corners of the university

It seems Mugisa Ronald Christopher is the face of Makerere University Polítics whom students have been waiting regardless the party he belongs too .Some students in year three in the names of Akello Sarah whispered to her roommate at Dream world hostel that Mugisa Ronald Christopher is the way to go as my guild president

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