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Meet Makerere’s Hot & Fastest Rising GRC Aspirant School Of Biomedical Sciences Nagitta Isabellah Kilabo Famously Known As NIK



Kilabo Nagitta Isabellah is a Makerere University student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences at college of health sciences

She studied from Gombe secondary school for 6 years and served as a chairlady of her class in 2017 leading her class to being the best in the history of Gombe SS and served as a Treasurer of the school christian union in 2018-2019

She is elegant, charismatic and flamboyant.
The Lady of valor and students’ favorite weeks back declared her intent to run for GRC School of Biomedical Sciences

Her declaration erases off what had began as a mere rumour that the prolific generational politician was coming for the top seat. Asked what has inspired her aspiration, Isabellah Kilabo Nagitta says now is the time to have a renewed School of Biomedical Sciences where system is functional.

Since her declaration went public, kilabo Nagitta Isabellah has been receiving a warm reception within the students’ and intellectual fraternity which perceives her to be the long awaited candle light in the stormy rains. “She is the beacon of hope. I have all along awaited a person of my own generation. I pledge my full time support,” says vanssea ”She is a woman who has set to resolve challenges being a person who puts our needs before hers. Her legacy and accomplishments at the School of Biomedical Sciences are unmatched. We feel represented by just her declaration,” she adds.

The name NIK has been sounding and outstanding not only at School of Biomedical Sciences but also other Schools.

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