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Exclusive lnterview With Col. Honesty Natumanya Bombardier Who Is Aspiring For Guild Presidency Makerere University Ahead Of July Polls



Profile: talk about yourself

Bombardier: Honesty Natumanya Bombadier. I pursue Bachelors of science in conservation biology (BCB 2)at CONAS. Am the current president for makerere university conservation biology students association (MUCOBA).
Am the founder and executive director of living hope Foundation (LIHOF) and Honesty Youth Empowerment (HOYE)

Djcampus: Why are you running for guild presidency Makerere University ?

Bombardier: Makerere university was once considered the Havard of Africa. We have a great and a rich history. Our reputation is dying out, our structures have grambled, makerereans live in injustices and misury, don’t hve access to the serves they even pay for and all this must come to an end. Iam running for guild president because I believe am the only compitent, bold natural leader in this race that have strategies that will help to rebuild and strengthen our structures for a better university. We can make makerere great again

Djcampus: What inspired you tô join leadership ?

Bombardier: The need to creat positive change among the society. I always want to see things moving into a right direction. Bt great leaders mainly Nelson Mandela has inspired me to be bold and stand by your word. To keep determined and be ready to sacrifice for the joy of society

Djcampus: Who morivated you tô run for guild presidency Makerere University?

Bombardier: I share character with HE Norbert Mao and want to rebuild that ideological leadership that our ancestors fought for to bring out the true meaning of gallant intellectuals

Djcampus: lncase you are elected in july, what are you going tô do for students community once you are in Power?

Bombadier: We want to formulate marks policy that will allow students will stop stargerd release of marks. Marks will be released once in the second week of the new semester. This policy will allow students to have access to their scripts.
We shall start student’s savings and credit cooperatives at each college at enable our students save extra upkeep and access 1%interest servival loans in hard times this will protect and end loss of student’s properties to middle men.
We want to strengthen the entertainment and sports sector by having an internal makerere league that will help to develop and link our sports men and women to opportunities. Our target is to turn sports into an industry where talented makerereans can earn a living not only doing it for fitness and entertainment
Improve our health by tasking muk hospital administration to prepare accountability report to the guild council through the ministry of healthy
Improve internet services, wifi and Allie with financial institutions for Makerereans to acquire laptops at affordable prices.
Renovation of old facilities in halls and some colleges.
Having our social gatherings back because they unite us and determine our culture.
We want to have tuition fall and increase on scholarships for students who get challenges ie loss of their funders in the course of study.
Advocate for an increase of the allowances for government students and to have the allowance paid one week before the comensement of the semester.

Djcampus: University hás been facing a problem of sex for marks and many past regimes have failed tô achieve or address the vice out of Makerere .How are you going tô kickout the vice from Makerere?

Bombardier: We shall ally with projects like KISH and also empower the committee for ministry of gender to follow up all cases for sexual harassment and impose strict penalties for culprits like the loss of job.
We shall work with internal and external media platforms to expose any one involved to the public to scare away those with interest

Djcampus: Students have been facing the security crisis at campus. How are you going tô Deal with it?

Bombardier: We want to have installment of digital cameras because we the greatest in the region and have the potential and also will increase on deployment of security in all dangerous corners.
Only security persons who have studied to a level of diploma will be allowed to be diployed to avoid those who torture students instead of protecting them.
We shall also build a strong ministry of security

Djcampus : This year almost 200 students didnt graduate because of marks issues, How are going tô make sure the issue of missing marks is put in order?

Bombardier: We shall solve this issue permanently by implementing the marks policy in our Guild constitution its unfortunate that we don’t have any policy concerning marks. We shall agree with the staff – student lisson committee to have a policy that allows students have access to their scripts this will end bias marking laziness among lectures who don’t even mark and sexual harassment because it will provide students with evidence and proof that some sat for the paper. The policy Will also stop stargerd release of marks. All marks shall be out in the second week of the new semester and failure to do so the lecturer will be answerable to the guild academic committee

Djcampus: We heard that some courses were phased out so which affected students. How are you going tô ensure these courses back?

Bombardier: We shall first make ground study and have this discussed with the university council then write a petition to National council for higher leanering and the ministry of education and sports about our need to have those courses back
This petition will be signed by 80%of makerereans this will help us to get courses scrupt out of selfish interests of the Junta

Djcampus: What message do you have all Makerereans who are watching this show?

Bombardier: I want to inform all gallants that it’s time now to end lamentation by choosing neutral and un influenced student centered leadership that will restore our ethics our culture and our reputation. That will improve serve delivery, fight for our interests. And end misery.Yes we had fallen it’s time to raise to glory and make makerere great again. YES WE CAN MAKERERE.

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