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Makerere University Hopeful Guild Aspirant Mpiirwomugisha Isaiah Ntendeere Clashed Out To E-voting System Directed By Dean Of Students To Director Of Dists



Makerere University Guild Aspirant Mpiirwomugisha Isaiah Ntendeere, athird year student of land Econômics at CEDAT who is eyeing for the top University seat at the lvory tower has opposed and shown his disastification about the E-voting system the letter Which the dean of students winfred kabumbuli tô Mr Mugabi
” request tô update the Makerere University e-voting system for the 2022/2023 guild elections”

She said that Makerere University Council directed that the process of guild and SCR 2022/2023 elections be conducted in a blended form .She later added that elections are sheduled tô take place on the 8th and 13th July, 2022 .

However her request tô have guild elections done electronically didnt leave everyone the same

This therefore forced the courageous guild aspirant Mpiirwomugisha Isaiah Ntendeere tô respond tô her letter on social media via his facebook and twitter handle tô boycot E-voting citing that E-voting .

Through the Letter he attached on social media he said this

“Position on the blended mode of guild elections for Makerere University ”

This statement is written in reference to Letter dated june 13, 2022 from the Dean of students to the Director of DICTS directing them to update the system tô faciliate online voting .The consitution of the republic of uganda 1995 under article 29 provides for freedom of expression and conscience on any matter .As such statement with zeal that it is our responsibility tô have a free and fair elections process
We disassoicate ourselves with the modus of elections being entrenched to be used during the guild elections.

Speaking tô Isaiah Ntendeere with campasstv he said that elections done online are not fair since they are suspectble tô being rigged. He also highlighted that last year guild elections voting
Online hád to be called off another day due to system break down

He called upon all his fellow guild presidential aspirants and different parties tô disassoicate and boycot E-voting system Which is being fronted tô deny students express and execrise their freedom tô vote phyiscally .Lets do this for once and Makerere University students will appuald us for taking risk in fighting for their rights.

Mpiirwomugisha Isaiah Ntendeere lastly concluded by stating that we condemn the actions being taken by Dean of students as not only being unfair bit also a grossly ridiculous move by those who do not care about the principles of a free and fair elections. We cant build for the future when we have decided tô throw away the principle of a for fair society

Mpiirwomugisha Isaiah Ntendeere hás been serving as chairman ANT Makerere Chapter before he resigned tô aspire for Guild race. Mpiirwomugisha Isaiah Ntendeere’s name is not new in the face of Makerere University polítics

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