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Makerere Guild Elections: Kayigamba Deo Wins EC Race After Beating His Rivals In The Highly Competitive Race



Makerere University in Uganda guild elections are looming and, last week on saturday the chairman of the Electoral Commission (EC) was voted to organize the forthcoming elections.
Kayigamba Deo from the school of Bio-lab technology
won the race and was declared the winner for the position of Chairperson Electoral commission 2022-2023 after stiff competition.
He garnered majority of votes against Amanya, from the school of liberal and performing arts

In his speech while addressing the 87th house that voted him, Kayigamba Deo promised to organize free and fair Guild Elections. He commended Makerere Students and the entire 87th guild house for entrusting him.
Winfred, the University Dean of Students commended the 87th guild house for turning up in such a big number to exercise their rights and appealed to the newly Elected EC chairperson to follow the University rules and regulations while exercising his duty.
‘’ it is really the first time since I assumed office as the university coordinator to register such a big number of voters for the position of EC, but whoever you take over the responsibilities as stipulated in the constitution,’’ He said.

According to the released letter from the Dean of Student’s office directing Director of DICTS tô update on the E-voting system for 2022/2023 guild elections. In the Letter presented below

However speaking tô campasstv through Phone call interview the EC Makerere University chairman Mr. Kayigamba Deo said that he hasnt received any information from Dean of students regarding online voting but if there is something new we shall update the students and public

At the moment l cant say anything till l will resume my office on thursday this week as interim EC chairman l will take over the responsibility tô produce a free and fair elections that are students are waiting qnd yarning for says EC chairman Makerere University Deo.

Then information regarding tô E-voting if its true will be communicated by the PRO EC on friday because that is his rolê and my rolê is tô organize a free and fair elections, Deo added .

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