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Uganda Waragi Presents Kyambogo University Fresher’s Ball At East End Pitch With Many Artists Whispered Ahead Of Friday 17th June 2022



Kyambogo University, Uganda’s second largest institution of higher learning comes with some real prestige to anyone associated with it in any way. The university is well known for its big events, one of which is Freshers’ Ball, a sort of initiation party for Freshmen and freshwomen into the Kyambogo system.

This academic year’s episode is slated to happen on Friday 17th june at the ground pitch, and it’s a unique one since it will have various enjoyments for everyone in attendance

The rap battles, which involve talented youths ripping each other with rap bars, will be brought live to Banda Hill. Dance competitions will also be there so get ready to be entertained pretty

According to Muhumaza Clinton the Organizer of the event told our scoop that he expects thousands of students to flock to the east end pitch to attend to this year’s freshers’ ball that will happen on friday

The event will kick off at 6pm and expect your favorite musicians mention names Mc kats, gravity Mc ollo,the binanz, Karol Kasita, feffe bussi,Nina roz,viper ranking, suspect lazer,kapa kat, sheebah, Baza Baza,liam Voice, kid Dee, Rickman Manrick, Zex Bilangilangi, B2C,spice diana to feature and many musicians ahead of friday fresher’s ball

Muhumaza Clinton the event Organizer cited that Kyambogo freshers and continuing students are expected to fill the venue to the maximum capacity

However Social affairs Minister Muhumaza Clinton told our scoop that let freshers forget the usual picnics they had in their high schools. Friday’s fresher’s ball, they live to remember that once in their University times they had a very great welcoming party

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The security-wise, the safety of students will be briefiedup by both police and UPDF army patrols that will work tirelessly to make sure the event goes on successfully

As usual, the best language understood by most campus party animals is music and booze, which will be provided in abundance by selected Djs of the night and club respectively

Dj Nimrod, Dj roja and mercy will be turning the event down .According to statistics, the above mentioned Djs are the leading Djs in town for shows and Concerts .Kyambogo will make history on friday

Come on friday and witness the party in the end yo will live to narrate a story to your grand children what transpired in your youth time says Djcampus famous blogger

The event is sponsor by Ug waragi Ugandan leading booze

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