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Exclusive Interview With Bakhita Josephine Aspiring Madam President School of Psychology Ahead of July Polls



Djcampus: So people are saying “we don’t know you and have never seen you before” Can you kindly let the psychologists know who you are? Talk about yourself.

Bakhita Josephine: (Smiles ) Wel, I must say the ones that don’t know me are from the community psychology class and that is a gap am bridging up now as we speak.
I am a friendly, outspoken, honest and kind hearted individual. I am hardworking and very approachable individual.

Djcampus: You said something about bridging the gap. Can you tell us how you are going to do that?

Bakhita Josephine: Wel, as someone contesting for presidency school of psychology, I found it
necessary to create good relations by getting to know all psychologists one on one.

Djcampus: What inspired you to run for President School of Psychology?

Bakhita Josephine : My undying passion for psychology, right from Senior 3 I have had this undying love for psychology so basically that.
But additionally, in regards to leadership I was inspired by Trevor Kasassa’s leadership (current GRC)

Djcampus : Who must have motivated you further to contest and constantly given you a push?

Bakhita Josephine: Wel, a very intelligent friend of mine by names Muhumuza Jonathan Pyani.

Djcampus: Why are you running for presidency school of psychology?

Bakhita Josephine: I love psychology, I love every individual doing it, and most importantly I want to keep this legacy of psychology forever.
Most importantly, I want to be actively supportive in seeing that the course of psychology is brought back into the University as a respectable and standard course. However its the people’s choice.

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