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Why Makerere’s Namirembe Blessious’ Name Is Vibrating Like Apop Sound On Streets Of Kikoni & Kikumi Kikumi



Namiirembe Blessious the teacher traînée second-year student of éducation who joined the guild race under ANT Makerere Chapter Namiirembe Blessious branded herself with a slogan, “with NB Muk must stop bleeding!” which has expressed interests from students to rally behind her, The Girl with thé sweet voice has now shocked her rivals who had been gossiping around that she wont swear in .Now all odds are on her side ever since she declared her intent to stand for guild président Makerere University

Namiirembe Blessious, who showed interest in the guild président seat at the beginning of the semester has vowed to reawaken the struggle by fighting for students rights. According to her diehard supporters, the vibrant, yet inspirational young lady’s first step is to resurrect the spirit of the struggle within students which she thinks is dead.

According to her agenda, the future teacher will also revamp the students’ guild président to be in a position of fronting agenda of equal access to education services.

Namiirembe Blessious also plans to work on long-lasting students’ problems like; delayed marks resulting from limited workforce (Lecturers), abolition of late registration fees since registration was digitalized, among others.

Namiirembe Blessious also plans to call for the revision of the retake policy to provide finalists with supplementary exams instead of waiting for a full year. Additionally, she will also push for the formation of an independent students account committee responsible for accounting for the guild expenditures.

As we talk now she is now the most trending guild aspirant aspirant at campus with no doubts. If Namiirembe Blessious gets ANT Makerere Chapter flag and lumbox endorsement she is left with no doubts as thé next guild président Makerere University

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