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Makerere’s Justus Tukamushaba Shares Mémorial Moments With Dr.Kizza Besigye At His Home Résidence In Kasangati



Justus Tukamushaba Makerere University student pursing a Bachelors degree in construction management from school of built environment is becoming a big threat in Makerere University Politics ahead of next week FDC primaires

Justus Tukamushaba popularly known as the JustUs commander sets to liberate Makerere University Students from Slavery Politics ahead of July Polls. He quoted , “It’s time to bid farewell to slay politicians and usher in fresh minds with the urge to serve the interests of the oppressed”

Senior student activist .He broke the internet yesterday after meeting up Dr Kizza Besigye at his home resident where they discussed the future polítics of the country. The pressure in the Makerere politics is intensifying with many students considering to ally with the JUSTUS which has become a main threat and the only hope in the race

The self proclaimed students activist has agreed to represent student’s interests after a high profile meeting with different stake holders who promised to rally behind him ahead of july polls

When we interviewed him about his connection with Dr.Kizza Besigye since the photo with him circulated in student’s Whatsapp group which made rounds on social media and left many students wondering

Justus Tukamushaba is popularly known for serving students interests. When he was in 87th government he did a tremendous job for his people he represent in the guild house

Having joined Makerere in 2021, he begun pursuing Bachelors of Construction Management from school of built eniviroment. Justus a resident of North Cote hall is at the verge of taking the FDC flag since all delegates allying behind him

Justus Tukamushaba notably hit the scene when he ran for the GRC race at school of built environment in a highly competitive elections that left many of his rivals wondering up to date.

Even before declaring his intent for guild presidency, he has been receiving overwhelming messages and praises from different people allover the world. Justus is the face of Makerere University politics

According tô his insiders they told our scoop that Justus Tukamushaba’s bid for guild presidency Makerere University was embressed by Dr Kizza Besigye and all the big dogs of Fdc .

Justus hás been visiting on Dr Kizza Besigye on serveral occasions ever since he was put on house arrest and also arrested and put in Luzira prisons for protesting against high price commodity in the country

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