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BOBI WINE: it’s every one duty to remove Museveni from power



In the State of Nation’s address yesterday on Facebook, the National Unity Platform (NUP) principal, president Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentumu alias Bobi Wine stated that it is every Ugandan’s responsiblity to remove Museveni from power instead of leaving the responsibility to only politicians.
“I would like to remind you the dictator is desperately using all means to hold on to power. He has designed a system to make us beggars,” Kyagulanyi said.
It is a duty for every Ugandan to do all you can to remove the dictator.”

Kyagulanyi said that his address intended to give the public facts, so that all citizens of Uganda can understand and appreciate why the situation must change and change very soon.

In his address, the NUP principal said that Uganda’s fast growing population is facing fast rising prices of almost everything, yet Museveni’s government has provided no hope of any kind to relieve citizens from the state of uncertainty.

Kyagulanyi referenced to Museveni’s May 22, 2022 address where he called on the public to “tighten belts” and reduce expenditure as one of the ways that the country will overcome the ongoing increase in prices of essential commodities.

“He did not offer any relief /solution to the citizens. He continues to spend public money as if he is not aware the country is suffering a price shock,” Kyagulanyi asserted.

Comparing Uganda’s average revenue and expenditure as a percentage of GDP (2016 to 2020) with that of Rwanda, Kenya, Senegal and Zambia, Kyagulanyi used statistics from the International Monetary Fund, World Economic Oulook Database, April 2022 to show that Uganda’s revenue as percentage of GDP stands at 13 percent while the total spending as a percentage of GDP is at 17.4 percent.

He said Museveni has no idea how to grow domestic revenue without increasing tax rates.

“Uganda has been captured for long by an old man. Museveni has no idea on how to make everyone who earns income pay an equal and proportional share of their income tax.”

Bobi wine called upon all ugandans to come on board so that they can liberate their country


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