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NUP Makerere Chapter Calls For Expression Of Interest In The Party Interim Executive Leadership Ahead Of July Polls Preparations



The office of the head of institution which is lead by Musiri David sent a publication online calling upon NUP Makerere Chapter members that wish to serve and take roles in the party to apply for the mentioned posts below

Applications will close by Wednesday 8th June 2022 , this came following the dissolution of the past ad-hoc committee. The Office of the Head of Institutions National Unity Platform will move to appoint a new interim executive to steer the Chapter forward

The interim executive shall be entrusted with the duty to organize party process, manage the campaign at different levels and transition the chapter into a permanent leadership. The decision to put in place an interim executive is taken cognizant of the strategic intricacies that characterize an electoral environment that is to say;

Its disingenuous to carry out recruitment and election of delegates as these structures would be merely mobilized by the candidates to advance their personal political interests as opposed to the greater good of the party, this has been the culture with other entities and the Chapter would be put at the risk of dysfunctionality after party electioneering

Technically, the Party Chapter is yet to be promulgated, the office would not commit to put in place a permanent leadership without the guidance of legal document but most importantly it only correct that the permanent structure is put in place by the constitution from which these leaders would derive their powers

All those interested in serving as members of the interim executive are hereby called upon to tender in their expression of interest to not later than 8th Wednesday 2022. Your highly encouraged to include any special qualifications, contributions to the party, past current positions held hall of residence/attachment and phone contact. Successful applicants will be contacted in the shortest time possible

The following interim executive leadership positions are therefore declared vacant and available below

President, Vice President, Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General, Finance Secretary, Mobilization Secretary, Chief Whip ,Publicity Secretary, Deputy Publicity Secretary, Academics Affairs, Chief Fresher, Women Affairs Representative, Organizing Secretary, Legal Advisor, Persons With Disabilities Representative

This comes at a time when most members with in the party were discontented with the same ad hoc committee that vetted last year’s party delegates. There were allegations of the former had some truthfulness which left mixed reactions from the public

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