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Makerere’s 87th Social Affairs Minister Hussein Ibra Is Dominating Makerere’s Campaign After Class Representatives From Different Schools Pledge To Rally Behind Him Ahead Of July Polls



Makerere’s 87th Social Affairs Minister Surprises Class representatives of Makerere University With Appreciation Cake for their tremendous work they have done that learning context is better and conducive for students to study at the conference that was held on previous Saturday at Nabinonya resort Beach in Entebbe

Hussein lbra is now canvassing his campaigns all over the campus premises and he has not left any stone unturned

Last week Hussein lbra surprised retreat for all class representatives where he prepared huge cake for them with regards to appreciate their great role in pushing that learning context is progressed

Many class representatives pledged to rally behind him ahead of July polls amidst a highly competitive race between him and his rivals from different political parties

Hussein Ibra also sent his appreciation note to all class representatives of Makerere University for the tremendous work they have done to ensure that learning progresses well through his WhatsApp platform and other media platforms

This is what he shared on his media platform
” With a lot of happiness I write to you dear colleagues in recognition of the strong bond and cooperation that we’ve had for a good time now and we’ve added a strong brick on it Saturday in that conference at Nabinonya Resort Beach in entebbe.

He continued and stated that “the whole country should know that class reps are the back-bone of the academics at every University. You play a huge role in connecting the learner (student) to their teacher (lecturer). In fact I recognise the great job that you do to the extent that u feel you should be regarded as administrative assistants at the university. For the great obligation of making sure that lecturers are always there to teach us and in time, of making sure we have our marks among many other obligations, I want to say we thank you so much and we pray that the Almighty God blesses you.

It is upon this background that I decided to cement our relationship by at least sharing a cake with you all to cement our relationship. I best understand the challenges that you go through in making sure that we all receive the academic services that we came to University to get. This conference in entebbe was
really timely because to gave me the opportunity to understand you more and strengthen our relationship. I want to affirm therefore that whichever predicament we talked about, I’m ready to help sort it. All we need to to continue working together and ensuring that I get your mandate to serve you in the best way you couldn’t have gotten from anyone else.

In his remarks he pledged not to disappoint them once he is full elected as the next Guild President in early July

” l’ll always remain indebted to your love and compassion fear class representatives. It is my pledge to you that I won’t disappoint your trust and I’ll deliver to your expectations.
Thank you”.

Hussein lbra is likely to be the next Guild President of Makerere University if he uses the same strategy of uniting all class representatives since these people play a big role influencing and marketing other people’s candidature.

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