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Meet Musiri David head of National Unity platform institutions Wing



Musiri David born  in kampala surbubs is the Head of  the National Unity Platform (NUP) Institutions wing who has registered several victories for the party in different Universities.

Musiri currently astudent at makerere Universtity has secured various wins in Universities like makerere ,mbarara and ndejje.

Musiri David became prominent in the #FeesMustFall protest where a viral video showed him being arrested by several police officers during the strike, a situation that led to his suspension with several others by Makerere University’s Vice-Chancellor Prof. Nawangwe.

It’s also remembered that on the 24, October ,2019 the entire world froze on sight of a trending disheartening footage capturing a swarm of police officers ganging up on an unarmed Makerere University student. This was during the infant days of the chaotic ‘Fees Must Fall’ students engineered protest. The stern faced policemen hit the streets of Kikoni at the lunch hour (a neighbourhood adjacent to Makerere University) to specifically hunt down a student named Musiri David. It is said, the firebrand activist had been blacklisted for arrest by a one Prof. Eria Hisali who commanded the entire Fees Must Fall crackdowns on students.

Musiri was also arrested in the period leading to the 2021 elections where he petitioned the Electoral Commission to reveal to the public, President Museveni’s academic documents and full names.

Precious he also staged a protest against the increasing prices on the products in Uganda and was arrested together with other universities students from mubs and kyambogo but later in released on bond.

David today lauds the public to fight for what they believe in because it’s them that are being oppressed.


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