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Campus Hustler! Makerere’s Professional Graphics Designer Who Brands Himself JAYMUart Is The New Deal In Town



Makerere’s fresh Graduand Munyanganizi Brian popularly known as BRIAN JAY CEO and design thinker doing best in motion graphics. He has been proven as one of the best graphics designers in town where he has received different awards

“All children are born artists, its up to them to take it up or let the talent to die out.’’ These are words from Munyanganizi Brian, a professional graphics designer. He mastered and grabbed it by the horns and we have seen him earn among other several achievements from his craft.

Taking a stroll on the virtual streets of the internet is how I landed on this fresh Graduand at Makerere University who tells me that he took the talent and taught himself. He says he used to draw sketches even inside the wombs of his mother and the passion only got bigger as he continued to grow.

“Art runs in my blood and I used to help out fellow students with their assignments in high school.” Munyanganizi Brian says that he got his first laptop in the senior six vacation and this is where his drive to self taught graphics designing erupted from.

“I learnt different skills in Photoshop, In-design, Coral draw, Premier Pro Illustrator and all other design programs both from skilled professionals and YouTube tutorials. It was a nice experience learning all these programs since I loved art and had the talent.”

Munyanganizi Brian adds on that clients started flowing in. He recalls his first project which caused an uproar in his client base.
“My first professional project was with Newcastle University from Newcastle city on advancing and value addition. Life was not the same there after. The client base has since then continued to grow.” When asked about some of the achievements, this is what jaymu had to say;

“I have achieved a lot from this. Apart from a luxurious life style, It has introduced me to new friends in and out of campus. I have met potential personnel in the country because I work for different companies like Bamboo Eco Tours, Utenzi house of poetry, pyramid spa, juakali documentary I have helped friends financially and training fresh talent. You do know how that feels.

Like any other business, Munyanganizi Brian has also met challenges in his venture. He says it is challenging to push the graphics content on social media platforms. “I get a number of idle people calling in and texting for nothing but to waste time. Sometimes they just want to know who this designer is. It is also challenging to work on a project and they never appreciate or pay for the work yet I spend a whole day on the computer. This is exhausting and brings back pains.

For best graphics designs and professional campaign materials such as banners, posters, flyers, cups, t-shirts in town reach out to him on this number 0706575730 especially for those aspiring for different posts in the University and National Politics at affordable prices

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