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Breaking News! Lumbox has endorsed the 87th Social Affairs Minister Hussein Ibra To Contest For The Position Of Guild President Ahead Of July Polls



Lumumba and Marystuart has ( Lumbox) has endorsed Hussein lbra for the position of Guild President of Makerere University

Lumumba hall Chairman confirmed to our scoop that Hussein lbra is their hall sole candidate ahead of July polls who revealed that Lumbox recommended that Hussein lbra should hold the hall flag for them. Hussein lbra is set to battle other candidates from the Opposition and likely independents ahead of July polls

Abias Lumumba empire tweeted on his Twitter page ” l have traveled across the length and breadth of Makerere University, its only Lumumba Empire that holds a General Assembly to instill culture, norms, value and provide a platform for every Lumumbist to explore his talent and leadership capacity as far as taking Lumumba kuntiko is

Hussein lbra who has been serving as GRC Lumumba hall and at the same time 87th Social Affairs Minister is now the Lumbox flag bearer for the guildship race. Hussein lbra was endorsed yesterday, Friday at Ancestral Place in Lumumba Hall by Lumbox elders and entire lumbox fraternity

Many students spoke their minds and said they are ready to rally behind Hussein lbra regardless of the party he is affiliated too .We are tired of political prostitutes who flock from different parties to another for their personal interests. We have seen many people defect their party to join other parties with aim of blindfolding students.

Its time we test Hussein lbra as the next Guild President Makerere University ahead of July Polls. Hussein lbra is a competent leader who will fight for students interests rather then representing himself for personal interests says, Chairman Lumumba hall

This is my first time to support an NRM candidate reason being many students who want to aspire for Guild Presidency Makerere University hide in opposition parties yet some belong to NRM .Am ready to support my brother Hussein lbra and l call upon students from different schools, colleges ,halls to support Hussein lbra. Its time we end fake politics in Makerere University says, Chairlady Marystuart hall

The Speaker of Lumumba hall also sent appreciation note to Hussein lbra for blessing Lumumba hall with a new TV 42 inch in their TV room where he also pledged to hunt votes for Hussein lbra in all corners

” Appreciation note”

I’m exceedingly happy and excited about yesterday’s events and that’s why I decide to jot an appreciation note to our dear honorable Grc.

I want to use this appreciation note to represent the grandsons of Gongom and myself to express our sincere gratitude towards honorable Hussein IBRA for making it possible that the lumumba family has a new television in our TV room.
It is such a thoughtful decision that you took to use your own money to make sure that the common student can enjoy their stay at lumumba as they traverse their academic life.
Indeed you have made the life of all football funs easy because many have been struggling to catch a glance of the tv because of the big numbers but with this new TV, at least everyone will be able to watch games. As a social affairs minister you have achieved a lot through this your TV project.
All in all the lumumnist family is so delighted to have you as our own. We remain indebted to your kindness and that’s why I call upon the mighty lumumbists to rally behind Hussein Ibra for his forthcoming aspirations because he has stood the taste of time. He has proved enough that his attributes are not anyone else’s but ours. Hussein Ibra should be our project.
Once again, thank you so much Hussein Ibra for enhancing the entertainment of Lumumba hall”

Hussein lbra will then face off with any other candidate for the seat of guild President in early July in a session chaired by the Next Makerere EC Chairman

The Lumbox general meeting was convened yesterday in the evening at the empire, Lumbox gave a nod to Hussein lbra, citing the need for continuity

According to other sources say if Lumbox endorsed Hussein lbra then he will succeed his boss shamim Nambassa who is still in the office

A month back NRM Mak Chapter endorsed Hussein lbra 87th Social Affairs Minister for Guild Presidency. Hussein lbra is famously known for organizing the biggest fresher’s ball in the history of Makerere University that gathered thousands of people from different places of Kampala

Hussein lbra is currently the male youth councilor jinja city southern division after defeating his rivals in the highly competitive race. Its to now to close a year Hussein lbra has been serving as 87th GRC Lumumba hall at the same time 87th Social Affairs Minister. In 2020 he joined Makerere University to purse a Bachelor’s degree of Arts in Arts

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