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Makerere University Politics Takes Another Direction As Ayub Mugisha Guild Aspirant Brands Himself As Smart Wire AHead Of July Polls



Makerere University Already Taken Up by Politics, Self Proclaimed Smart wire Making Rounds in the Hill

It’s almost campaign time at the lvory tower based University and news reaching our hive is that political pundits have risen up at Makerere University to take on the mantle. This has not spared the strategists who are slowly closing the gaps between them and the potential aspirants.

Blue suits are flaring everywhere and every meter you take on the lvory tower sidewalks, you will surely bump into smart lads who will stop you for a serious business. You already guessed the business. Politics; we shall discuss later how this has turned into a business from the dirty game.
The WhatsApp groups are now fully of long de minimis and blistering supercilious political messages pricking up every time. Many candidates are already on ground reaching out to their supporters in different hostels,rentals

There has risen a number of student-turned political pundits who are giving presumptive results for the winner of the final guild presidential election. You know this is the betting era. We can’t remit any view at this moment.
As the madding crowd continue to maneuver, we have learnt of serious strategists who consider hitting the scene with imported tactics which they could not explain to us no matter how much we pulled their shirts.

It should be noted that University politics especially at Makerere University have always been favorable to those with a unique approach towards the campaign with Justus Tukamushaba still leading with the most unique tactic of coming branding himself without poster ,Hussein lbra following next with a tactic of a printing out t-shirts using his face but a muscular arm punching the air and some scary words.

So far, we have got to know of a guild presidential aspirant branding himself as a smart wire none rather than Ayub Mugisha but we believe the real tacticians are on the way.
The hive will keep you posted about the future developments from the lvory tower


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