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Exclusive! North Cote Fronts Another candidate Ahead Of July Polls



Northcorte has taken another twist as elders front renowned veteran Politician Saviour Kicaber from the state as he openly expresses his interest in the 88th Guild seat .

Saviour Kicaber who is a fourth year medical student pursuing Bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery and currently serving as Nsibirwa Hall GRC in the 87th Guild Government. He describes himself as a state-made leader having served as deputy speaker and speaker of Nsibirwa Hall before being Overwhelmingly elected as GRC

Saviour Kicaber has built a solid structure both at his Hall of Residence, neighborhood places like Kikoni and Kikumi Kikumi, wandegeya and kasubi where he represented himself to students as messiah. Kicaber has also expressed interest in the FDC flag as reports indicate that he is on ground making news even before publishing his official campaigning poster to the public.

Having the full backing of the entire medical School, The fourth year medical student Saviour Kicaber is indeed a force to reckon with in this Fourth coming 88th Guild Race. Saviour Kicaber is now in the same school with Mwesigwa Calvin Mugambwa who is the GRC Mitchell hall and 87th Guild Minister. However he havent got the official statement from the college president College of Health Sciences endorsing any of the two candidates

But as far both candidates are under different parties but both belong from the same school and college.

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