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North Cote Endorses Justus Tukamushaba As Their Sole Hall Candidate Ahead Of July Polls



North Cote has finally endorsed its candidate for the hot guildship contest in the 88th race elections
In a much-anticipated announcement at the basing centre in North Cote , different top leaders of two halls declared the North Cote resident Justus Tukamushaba as their hall flag bearer .

Different Makerere students say Justus has proven himself to be a dynamic and well experienced GRC that he believes will stir the Makerere in the right direction.

However top hall leaders made the announcement previous saturday at the epic event where activists and statesmen from Nkrumah and Nsibirwa respectively donned Osagyefo the late institution’s graduation gown after allegedly attaining his PHD in all courses with first class. This happened in honoring the loving memory of Osagyefo who was killed in cold blood by Amin’s soldiers in 1970s when Amin’s soldiers raided halls of residence

North Cote residents said 88th government needs a dynamic and visionary leader to steer it to make better service to benefit the students of Makerere  
One activist also said Justus has proved that he can serve in the position of the guild President of Makerere, looking at his track record as an active GRC.
He encouraged all north cote residents to rally behind Justus a dynamic and visionary leadership.
One statesman says he cannot say anything bad about the current leadership but that it is time for change.

The epic event was graced by different students who pledged to die for Justus as their generational leader ahead of July polls

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