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Bobiwine And Dr Hilderman Endorses Nalwangu Edward’s Bid For Guild Presidency Makerere University Ahead Of July Polls



Yesterday, Hon Robert Kyangulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine, the party president for National Unity Platform (NUP) and Dr Hilderman alias Hillary Kiyaga met with Nalwangu Edward a student from school of psychology at Makerere University pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Industrial  and Organisation Psychology

Bobiwine,Dr Hilderman and Nalwangu Edward met at certain function in mpigi where the three had memorable times to engage, interact and talk about country’s future politics. After the function Bobiwine, Dr Hilderman and Nalwangu Edward took a memorable photo grace their friendship. Nalwangu Edward later revealed to Bobiwine that he is running for guild presidency Makerere University . This however forced Bobiwine to endorse Edward’s bid for guild presidency Makerere University

“I have closely studied comrade Nalwangu Edward for a long time and he is down to earth person. He has been in the struggle for a long time. He is a smart and intelligent person, l therefore present you Nalwangu Edward as the next Guild President Makerere University”, says Bobiwine

However Nalwangu’s endorsement from Bobiwine alias Kyagulanyi Robert is not surprising because Nalwangu Edward was a former foot soldier and campaigning mobilizer for Dr Hilderman during last year’s general elections .

Dr Hilderman also pledged full support and financial aid for Nalwangu Edward ahead of July polls at Makerere University.

” I worked with him during my campaigns in 2020 general elections and he is a trusted person and definitely he has my support, Am ready to offer my full support to comrade Nalwangu Edward because he is worthy a friend to celebrate”, say Hillary Kiyaga Mp Mawokota North

Bobiwine and Dr hilderman, recently declared Nalwangu Edward as NUP flag bearer for the forthcoming Guild elections in July. We dont know if NUP will stand with Nalwangu Edward as their flag bearer ahead of July Polls since Bobiwine and Dr Hilderman endorsed him the earlier

Through social media, Nalwangu Edward thanked Bobiwine and Dr Hilderman and promised to represent student’s interests and fight for student’s rights at the university

“Thank you H.E Bobiwine. Thank you Dr Hilderman.l appreciate every moment we shared yesterday and l promise to serve student’s interests first

“The fate of students might be along journey but l believe we shall make it at the end ‘ ” he added

However, story behind Nalwangu Edward’s support by Bobiwine and Dr Hilderman could be the turning point of Edward’s success since Bobiwine’s endorsement means alot in Makerere University’s politics

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