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Makerere’s psychologist Namaganda M Immaculate Graduated With Bachelor’s Degree In Industrial And Organizational Psychology



Namaganda M Immaculate graduated on Friday May 27th 2022 at Makerere University’s 72nd graduation ceremony

23-year-old Namaganda M Immaculate scored a CGPA of 4.43 to emerge the 4th best student in the Bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology programme of Makerere University.

Namaganda is grateful to her family, lecturers and friends but above all God who made it possible for them to contribute to her success

Although she wished to study medicine , Namaganda does not regret studying Industrial and Organizational Psychology. She says the knowledge and skills acquired through the programme expose students to a broad range of employment opportunities. Attaining a First Class degree is no mean achievement for Namaganda. She views her success as a firm foundation for her to pursue further studies and establish herself as a prolific academic and researcher in the field of Mental Health.

Namaganda hopes to enroll for further studies. She plans to enroll for a Masters and later a PhD in Clinical Psychology and wishes to have attained her doctorate by the age of 30 years

Her view on phasing out the programme at undergraduate level at Makerere

Although Industrial and Organizational Psychology is one of the programmes that were phased out last year’s Academic Year (2021/2022), Namaganda is not bothered by the decision. “She believes that psychology is internationally recognized and respected programme with great potential to transform the world”, says Namaganda

Namaganda Immaculate was among the 12,474 graduands that graduated at Makerere University’s 72nd graduation

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