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Makerere’s Hottest Chic Siima Jean Declares Her Intent To Run For GRC School Of Liberal And Performing Arts Ahead Of July Polls



Siima Jean Declares her Intent to Run For GRC School of Liberal and Performing Arts ahead of July Polls .Siima jean, 20 years old student pursuing Bachelor of Arts in Music has declared her candidature today to run for GRC School of Liberal and Performing Arts in the forthcoming guild elections

Following her overt declaration to run for GRC school of performing arts .Siima Jean has gone ahead to assure the entire Dvs, paf, arts in arts students about her eligibility as the best candidate for the position to represent issues affecting Dvs,Paf, arts in arts, drama and film, arts in music students

Siima Jean who stems her arrangements on the revival of student vibrancy in the guild house stresses that now is the right time for School of Liberal and Performing Arts to reclaim its shrinking glory.

“I have been on the fore point of fighting for students rights ever since l joined Makerere University. I have experience to represent to Dvs, arts in music, arts in arts ,drama and film and lastly diploma in performing arts students to the climax”, says Siima
Jean as she answers to her capability question as whether she would appropriately play the role

The name siima jean is not new in Makerere University’s politics. She has been meeting up different prominent makerere politicians whom she has been interacting and sharing ideas with them on how to improve on the needs of students rather than personal interests.

One student from Dvs in the names of james a year two student applauded her for coming at the right time when School of Liberal and performing Arts was at the verge of losing its glory

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