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Breaking News! Kasekende Fulugensio Declares His Intent To Run For College Presidency Of Chs A head Of July Polls



Information hitting our scoop indicates that the revolutionary leader of all times, Kasekende Fulugensio has finally agreed to take part in the awaited college elections. His entry will sum up the number of aspirants to about five candidates among whom are vying for the same post

In this week Kasekende was spotted meeting a number of students to whom he launched his agenda which threatened his rivals to tightened their belts

Other sources say Kasekende is likely to win the college presidency since all students are whispering his in all corners of the university

It seems kasekende is the face of College of Health Sciences whom students have been waiting regardless the year he is in .Some students in Year one, year two and year three have been whispering his name all over campus premises “kasekende is the way to go”.

Who is Kasekende Fulugensio?

Kasekende Fulugensio is a 23 years old student at Makerere University pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery. He is currently the general representative of year two students.He is the CEO of Kasekende LTD, a company that deals in all medical outfits and instruments.

“I love being all round and that’s seen from the fact that I have been a very good leader of my class, I love academics, love business, I love politics, I love sports” says Kasekende

Kasekende is a leader of year 2 who has worked so hard to keep the class intact and to promote solidarity and unity within the class through a number of ways, one of which always calling in members to give a hand whenever any of them has got any challenge and in a number of different ways!

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