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IUIU-KC Guild Elections To Be Held Virtually Ahead Of Voting Day 28th May 2022



Students at Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) Kampala Campus will on 28th May Saturday,2022 go to polls to elect their new guild leaders for the 2022 – 2023 academic year.
While giving updates on the Election program, the Chairman Electoral commission Mr. Ntuuma Rahaman revealed that three contestants for Guild position likes of Nsubuga Munyiira Ramadhan, Kiyinji Abdul, Wamala Huzaifa and three for lady vice mention Nalubowa Summayah, Abdul Rahman Ummul Kuruthsum Habib, Alinyitwe Ashia who will battle in the ballot. 

The , Speaker, Deputy speaker and Sports minister positions will be battled on ballot while as for Dawa Minister only one candidate for each made it through shura committee. 
“Campaigns started immediately after Shura released the results and the candidates have been on the ground speaking to their electorates” Ramadhan added. He further revealed that parilamentary elections will be held on 29th Sunday and swearing and handover will be dated on 2nd June next week on Thursday.

Elections will kickoff on 28th May, Satuday starting 8:00am and results will be announced the same day at 5:00 pm.
“We shall continue using the electronic voting system whereby results are tallied automatically after every vote. It is private, instant and time saving. this is what the university has been using in the previous years so this won’t change” Mr Chairman Ntuuma Ramadhan EC IUIU-KC stressed.
He encouraged students to turn up in large number on the voting day and maintain discipline at the electoral venue

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