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Makerere University Poet Daniel Tusiimukye K’abaasa Pins Down An Emotional Congratulatory Poem To A Disabled Graduand On Graduation Day



In his shoes ,own words
I stand at ease to rhyme
The songs of happiness and life,
For he made it, the pride and the success,
He graced it, the dream of his life.

“But of a truth, I’m not anymore with a life,
For I’ve smiled all the smiles of times,
At peace with all of my heart.
For this was the goal of my life.

When life’s hurdles brought me this way,
There wasn’t anything to redeem but to have hope,
Sleepless nights, I stood,
Hopes of a tomorrow, I bore.

If I don’t thank God, I hurt my heart,
I indeed cease to be an ancestor of Adam,
If I don’t grace life, I’m not the man,
For the gown came home, and is there to stay.

To all that saw me through since the day, a first,
To those that pushed me through my two wheels,
To those that oiled the paths I trod,
To those that wiped the tears of my eyes.

To the lecturers that stood my impatience,
To my classmates that watched my indulgence,
To my roommates that witnessed my hindrances,
And my parents that embraced my utterances.

This is for you, for the love,
Cheers to the friendships along the way,
There wouldn’t be a Ronald in the cap,
If there wasn’t you beside.”

Congratulations Ronald, you’re an inspiration that we can all believe in ourselves.
You’re a motivation that disability is not inability.
Your parents are proud of you, your peers look up to you, Cheers to the new life out of the gates of Makerere.
May you find favour!

Who is Daniel Tusiimukye K’abaasa?

Daniel Tusiimukye K’abaasa is a 21-year old second year Engineering student at Makerere University.He is the Deputy finance Secretary of the Makerere Engineering Society and also an Engineering Columnist at the Scholar Media Africa in Nairobi Kenya.

Daniel is the CEO at Iconic Publications, a publishing house that he founded in 2020 aiming at the ignition of dreams and imaginations of young writers and researchers.

He is an author, poet and publisher. In July 2021, he was awarded African Honoree Author’s Award in Lonehill South Africa with 260 other African Authors for his poetry book Golden Arrow.

Daniel represented Uganda to co-author the World Record 2022 of the Golden Book of the Earth, a book that highlighted keynote and inspirational people in the whole world on 10th April 2022.

Daniel started Iconic Publications in 2020 to awaken the dream of the young writers who never thought could at one time realize the dream of publishing their great stories in located in the heart of Kampala, Iconic Publications has been able to publish about twenty books from Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan.

At Iconic, their aim is to bring to light the potential in literature of the youthful African writers as a solution to the continental synchronized crises. This they do through mentorship, Editing and publishing.

He is also the co-founder at Listen To Africa, a monthly literature Magazine that has published more than 50 keynote African Authors.

Having learnt overtime the essence of applying classical strategies to modern day projects, Daniel is an International Ambassador of Peace with The Global Literally Forum for Justice and human rights.

With a passion for innovation and research in Fintech and high quality Manufacturing, Daniel intends to apply homegrown engineering concepts to automated systems on a global stage.

The above profile is what makes Daniel Tusiimukye K’abaasa a truly inspirational youth figure who featured in the World Record Golden Book 2022.
He was awarded for his inspirational works to youth in response to sustainable development goals

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