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Exclusive Interview With Nalwangu Edward Psychology Student Aspiring For Guild Presidency Makerere University Under Nup flag ahead of July polls




Nalwangu Edward is a 25 years old Makerere University pursuing Bachelor’s of Industrial Psychology. He went to St Mbaaga Kachili both ‘0’ level and ‘A’ level .He was a chief judge in O-level and Assistant Head Perfect. He was Head Perfect in A-level

Djcampus: What is your academic stand?

Nalwangu Edward: Am social worker. Am also pursuing my Degree in Industrial psychology.

Djcampus: What inspired you to join politics?

Nalwangu Edward: Serve with integrity with scientific orientation to lead to the changing world. I have always wanted to create accountability, give services to people and both the implementators and beneficiaries to account for. I also believe in social development where at least where each individual gets access to services according to their rights.
Policy analysis and implementation where any service should be given to a group of people after analysis of their social problem to their satisfaction and evaluation.

Djcampus: How will you solve the problem of insecurity at campus since its a major problem especially in hall of residence

Nalwangu Edward: Dialogue with stake holders especially custodians and firstly we have to find out the cause if problem then we analyze and implement the suitable solutions

Djcampus: What makes you the best candidate for the guild seat ?

Nalwangu Edward: lam the best candidate having exposed to social and problem solving where these problems happen at campus beyond my control. Am a centre of social therapy, social development and policy analysis to which solutions can be given to a problem.

Djcampus: How will you solve the problem of sex for marks which is so rampant at campus?

Nalwangu Edward: When power is invested in me .l believe its a high time we chase the vice out of campus. We shall start a student account committee that will run from school level then administration under control of Dean of students. This is when students have to task lectures in committee and explain them why things are being done wrongly. Through whistle blowing, l believe this vice can be out of Makerere if students guild work in hard with administration by tasking the account committee to hunt if students marks are uploaded in time on student’s portals.

Djcampus: Why are you contesting for guild Presidency?

Nalwangu Edward: l decided to stand for guild Presidency because there is a new direction we are supposed to take by fostering learning of new things academically, socially and morally.

Djcampus: What remarks do you give to the current regime?

Nalwangu Edward: Currently regime has worked and l appreciate their work for the period of time since service Delivery and work is a journey and problem. I believe l can represent myself barely in doing my share into nation building by also putting a brick to the great institution in changing the student’s moral, social and academic development.

In conclusion, lam ready for the race where by when you’re in the game, there’s a winner and loser .If l win goodness, if l lose l will be at their service if considered for advice and guidance

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