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Exclusive Interview With Mugisa Ronald Christopher a Resident of Livingstone hall Who Recently Got Afrostone Solidarity ahead of July Polls




Mugisa Ronald Christopher 23 years old currently serving as Speaker college natural sciences. Mugisa Ronald Christopher is also serving as President college and hall speaker’s council. He is the prime Minister National Tooro Tertiary and Institution Students Association.

Djcampus: What is your academic stand?

Christopher: l went to crested secondary school for both ‘ O’ and ‘A’ level where by l served in different offices as head prefect. Am now at Makerere University pursuing BSFA under school of bio sciences.

Djcampus: What makes you the best candidate for the guild position?

Christopher: lam the most experienced candidate currently in the race with my current positions and leadership back ground speaking for its self. My desire to see everyone live a happy and joyful life has always been my driving factor because many have failed to deliver but instead exploit the electorate. I stand against exploitation, dictatorship, oppression and abuse of human rights

Djcampus : What challenges have you faced in the line of duty?

Christopher: My greatest challenges has been working with colleagues who front personal interests which contradicts my fundamental pillars of leadership ” putting other people first “. I battle such characters and have always emerged as a winner. People have continuously and consecutively voted me because this is what majority desire from any leader to lewve beyond one’s self and l believe this is my calling.

Djcampus: What inspired you to run for Guild Presidency ?

Christopher: Oppression. we as makererians we go through alot so this could not leave me seated on the capacity with in me to change the whole story , l have been convicted to stand in for makererians against any form of infidelity, criminality, and other unlawful measures. l believe I’m the best candidate to front this cause.

Djcampus: Who is your role model in politics?

Christopher: Hon.Ssemujju and Dr kizza Besigye have been so crustal in the igniting of an out standing and hard working great leader in me. they speak boldly and openly the truth and defy in broad day light the wrong/evil, corruption and any form of human right abuse.

Just incase FDC attempts to give you the card as their flag bearer, how will promote it globally?

Christopher: First of all, l myself I’m a selling character, l being an FDC flag bearer automatically FDC sells world wide but further more beyond my objectives and goals are true definition of FDC therefore by having me as a flag bearer, it’s FDC itself in power because the things that l do and front are globe objectives, FDC therefore concretizes, proves and demonstrates to the whole world what it truly stands for.

Djcampus: How will you solve the problem of sex for marks that is rampant at campus if elected as the next guild President in July?

Christopher: This has been a song since then but the leaders we have had haven’t done the best to their ability to eradicate this vice out of this great institution .l do not tolerate such kind of abuse against humanity “our girl child” l stand in light and I shone eviI, l will stand for the girl child when attain my fully office in July.

Djcampus : Students have been facing a problem of insecurity at campus especially hall residents. How will you will make sure that student’s lives and property are secure?

Christopher: There is need to enhance security both at college and hall level, we shall have more security personals but generally it requires engaging students more in these security activities which can only be achieved by having me as the 88th guild president in office.

Djcampus: In conclusion, What remarks do you have for the current regime in power?

Christopher: As the 87th regime elapses, let them high light there achievements.

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