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NRM Mak Chapter President Endorses Hussein lbra’s Bid for Guild Presidency Makerere University ahead of July Polls



The NRM MaK Chapter weeks back endorsed 87th GRC Lumumba hall, Hussein lbra for the Guild Presidency Makerere University

Hussein lbra, who has been serving as the 87th Social Affairs Minister in the Guild House was chosen by the Nrm MaK Chapter says Emmanuel who is the successor of Muhwezi Maxczzon who once contested as Guild Presidential aspirant on NRM flag ticket

Hussein lbra has been battling for the NRM flag ticket with a one Elisa Rutaro who stepped down for him after seeing that the guild race is for the only strong not the weak hearted.

Hussein Ibra is the youth councilor southern division jinja city and he stood Independent after defeating his rivals by far range .
Hussein lbra close to year now he has been serving as 87th GRC Lumumba hall and 87th Social Affairs Minister. In 2021, Hussein lbra joined Makerere University to purse a Bachelor’s degree of Arts in Arts.

In 2021, he joined the NRM party after crossing from Opposition side and he was recently warmly welcomed at the NRM party headquarter by the party NRM General Secretary

Hussein Ibra is remembered for hosting the biggest fresher’s ball in history of Makerere University that took place this year that made rounds on social after ending in teargas,live bullets, tears, destruction of property and thefty .This incident happened after scuffle between police and students which ended in running battles.

Hussein Ibra is also business man and event organizer in jinja district where he has organized several concerts which have earned him money to sustain his business .However this time round Hussein lbra might put up a stiff competition between Opposition and NRM party because students need service delivery not parties but the question leaves students wondering how will Hussein lbra become a guild President if he failed to defend the suspension of fresher’s ball,porridge nights,house parties yet it was a source of entertainment to students.

Will Hussein Ibra emerge as the next guild President Makerere University regardless of the party he belongs too?

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