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Exclusive: Makerere University Obed Obedigu Derrick Finally Appears on the List of Graduands at Last as he narrates his Life Story Journey while at Campus



Some of you may ask where did Obed Derrick acquire the name of general. Here is the full story he shared with us

Obed Obedgiu Kwokuboth Jalmeo, also known as, Obedgiu Derrick. Years back, he has been at Makerere University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts with Education. In 2014, he joined Makerere University after his Papa succumbing to cancer the year prior.

Obed Derrick was a former GRC at school of education in 2016 and he was also former Guild Presidential aspirant in 2020 where he led a campaign based on students centered leadership and he later withdrew from the race and backed up his former course mate Oguttu Aaron who emerged the second in 2021 Guild elections after being defeated by ssempijja lvan.

Obed derrick narrated to our scoop that times were rough, and tough and wholly hustle-filled! It was then that he had become a man, From working as a toilet cleaner-later, waiting- at chicken tonight restaurant in wandegeya. He was sales person at Mwenda’s Independent Magazine in 2015.

In 2015, Obed worked as Café Javas Waiter at the same part time teacher among so many other mini engagements. Obed derick faced the toughest time in his life when there was no university tuition to care for him to progress with his studies and look after his siblings since he was the bread winner at home.

Obed derrick’s revolutionary poetry became inflammatory and his articles defamatory. His utterances against the gross and ignoble policies became impunity

” Flashbacks came racing back to my mind like hordes of horses, memories of the three-day fight against these senseless increments that saw us headline every media front in the country”, says Obed derrick

Obed Obedigu derrick is a former university strike machine, student activist who had inspired many souls like Gen musiri david to have the spirit of activism. Obed derrick’s suspension of two years was installed back in 2019 when former 85th guild president kateregga Julius demanded for his come back at campus fully.

Obed Obedigu derrick is among the students who sacrificed his life for the struggle but he was betrayed by selfish leaders like papa were Salim who turned guns against him at the end after being bought off by the administration to sign and pass the increment fee 15% policy which is still in existence up to date.

Obed Obedigu derrick spent several days and nights in prison and he had lost hope in everything in life .There came storm that demanded for his release on grounds that was led by obbo the hammer former former Makerere 85th prime minister whereby his demand went viral on social media free obed and later he was released from prison without any charges

In life If your time has come to shine nobody can stop you .Recently God answered Obed derrick’s prayers where he was appointed as the director of studies at St Juliana high school Seeta campus Mukono one of the big schools in the country. As we talk now Obed is waiting for his graduation on monday 23rd May 2022 where his dream will come true after passing all tough times .

To all readers of this story never give up in life keep chasing your dreams come true like Gen Obed Derrick retired political mentor and student activist.This story will inspire you to strive higher in life as you read it

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