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Exclusive Interview With Bungo Patrick FDC Flag Aspirant ahead of July polls




Who is Bungo Patrick?
Bungo Patrick is a second year student at Makerere University doing a Bachelors of science in tourism and hospitality management. Iam FDC flag aspirant and a resident of North Cote.

I’ve been a leader the whole of my school life notably I was head prefect Dorah Bloch International College in my A-level. In my O-Ievel l was Head Boy Nsambya SS.

Djcampus: What inspired you to join politics?

Bungo Patrick: l was inspired by great leaders like Dr. Kizza besigye and personally my daddy I admired him and I really took up the interest in politics.
Up till now I still learn a lot of things from him he still advices me he knows how to speak, what to speak and when and where to speak. He is articulate in speech a very good public speaker, acquainted with skills of conflict resolution, he’s good at associating with people and it has earned him very many friends and a lot of attachment and I’ve really learned a lot from him.

Djcampus: How does it feel to be FDC flag aspirant?

Being flag aspirant of FDC a party I have always loved and supported myself its quite outstanding and I am honored its quite incredible,  I think I’ll try my level best to move this party a step forward and become guild president once am given the flag

Djcampus: What makes you contest for Guild Presidency?

Bungo Patrick: We have problems that we’ve experienced for a good number of times, in terms of security and sanitation example in our halls of residence the toilets are poorly maintained, dilapidated and the water supply is also inadequate. Issues of missing marks are like a song, we have issues of congestion. The other time I got surprised when a my friend took me that they were having lectures in a hall yet they pay tuition, they are students ,they are supposed to be treated like other students . We don’t need temporary solutions. It’s high time Makerereans make a right decision and wake up to our call, I’ve always told my friends we shouldn’t look for a old woman in the village who has gotten lost and yet there is a hyena spitting grey hair, we should not look for a leader yet a competent Bungo Patrick has presented himself. Let us take up Bungo Patrick because he has been tried he has been tested all we need is a benefit of doubt.
 Djcampus: What remarks to you give to the current regime in office?

Bungo Patrick: l have no kind words for this regime. Lets call spade a spade .This regime has been the worst regime. The only achievement they have achieved is MCM and WCM .But before l conclude l will give respect where its acoded. Mwesigwa Calvin Mugambwa the 87th Guild Health Minister has been my favorite person of the year. Reasons why l stated this, Most of ministries under Shamim Nambassa government were being vaccinated by the junta. This time round Makerere students need leaders who will serve their interests regardless of the party they belong too. Makerere students are tired of leaders who promise empty words to them. Makerere students need serving leaders not opportunists.

Djcampus: Do you have any hope of getting the FDC card?

Bungo Patrick: Yes l have because am the right person for the card none other than me. I have interacted with different leaders at the party headquarter and everyone has assured me the card. What l can say is Makerereans and my supporters get ready to hear from best candidate in this forthcoming elections in July. History will be made soon and our names will be written in the books of Makerere University that Bungo Patrick was once the 88th Guild President Makerere University in 2022

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