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Meet Ms Muhumuza Julia Makerere Best Student from MUBS with 4.91 CGPA Ahead of Next Week’s 72 Graduation Ceremony



Muhumuza Julia Makerere University Business School (MUBS) has been recognized for her outstanding academic performance as the best student (and overall best at the 72nd Graduation Ceremony of Makerere University that will take place next week.

Muhumuza julia scored a 4.91 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) out of 5.0. However sources reaching our desk shows that she will be retained at campus to practice her teaching though the MUBS Principal promised to award a priceless plaque and shs 3m for her outstanding academic performance

Ms Muhumuza julia contested for Guild Presidency in 2019 on NRM flag ticket and she emerged in the thihuhrd position out of five guild presidential candidates.

She was later appointed as Minister of Gender by former Guild President MUBS HE. Ogwang Robinson where she did tremendous works and that’s where she became a prominent public advocate for human rights of ladies and women in the country regardless of the party she belongs too.

Ms Muhumuza julia has been inspired many young women and girls like Shamim Nambassa the guild president of Makerere University, Kevin Karlo the former NUP MUBS flag Guild contestant and many others in the country.

Ms Muhumuza julia is the current Vice President UNSA and clerk to East African youth parliament. Ms Muhumuza Julia is also an advocate for human rights in Uganda

President Yoweri Museveni will grace the function that will take place next week and Muhumuza julia is among the lucky ones who will have a Presidential hand shake

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