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Meet Lamara Gloria the Most Influential Kyambogo University Student ,this Year’s Edition 2022



Lamara Gloria is a undergraduate student Of Bachelor of Arts in Education .She was a former NUP flag contestant who lead a campaign based on student centred leadership. She is a student activist and a feminist for human rights .She has been on the fore front to liberate and fight for student’s rights. She is a language teacher by profession and she has a dream to become an Member of parliament in her home area in 2026 with time she will be declaring her political stand soon.

” I was horrified to witness how this lady’s political party meaninglessly took her through intra-party vetting during past guild elections. Although she triumphed and won the internal vetting processes of the party, some spineless malicious party-leaders undermined her as flag-bearer based on the flimsy excuses of her ethnicity as an Acholi and her gender as a woman. Instead, these spineless malicious NUP leaders threw their weight behind her previous competitor in the past guild elections, a man from the central of Uganda. When will political parties end this misogynistic and patriarchal undermining of strong women? “says djcampus

Comrade Lamara Gloria, I celebrate you! You are a brilliant star. You are a strong woman. You are an exemplar and role model to many girls and young women. ” I salute you for representing women in the race for guild presidency during the recent concluded Kyambogo guild elections. I applaud you for putting up a spirited fight against adversaries at multiple levels. From one strong woman to another, I am proud of you ,” says djcampus

According to our sources Lamara Gloria made her name after raising her voice against injustices in Uganda. She became a prominent public advocate for human rights in 2021 before joining active politics

However our scoop contacted her through phone call and asked her why Kyambogo students still believe in her as their inspirational leader. This is what she said, inspirational aspects and values and principles create positive change she stood for during hardest situations granted her support and love from students and that’s the reason why Kyambogo students still believe in me as their legitimate guild president basing on the campaigns l ran though am not in office serving their interests . She quoted a powerful statement ” l have a dream speech having the quality to inspire”.

As today Lamara Gloria is among the powerful resilient young women in the country that have sacrificed their values to achieve a result.

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  1. Odochi

    May 19, 2022 at 12:40 pm

    Our one and only lamara Gloria,yes indeed she is afeminist for human rights

  2. Andygizza

    May 19, 2022 at 10:41 pm

    Such a great inspiration to the girl child, Watch the space Uganda

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