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WCW : Meet NTV’s Lynda Ddane



NTV Uganda presenter Linda Uwamahoro commonly known as Lynda Ddane.shes is a co- host at NTV da beat and NTVdance party. Lynda also hosts Da hook on Kfm radio a mid-morning from Monday to Friday.

She was born on October 25, 1994, she attended her University at Makerere University. Lynda is a born-again Christian, fun-loving, unpredictable, introvert, friendly, music-loving, tattooed, jumpy, playful and comical person.

Lynda Ddane started her TV career from Urban TV where she was co-hosting a show known as camps 101 but she later quit the show because she was not earning and she had just joined campus.

Lynda later got an opportunity and joined UBC TV where she started co-hosting a music show known as jam 101 together with Calvin Da Entertainer.
She worked at UBC for some time then later she decided to resign from the station and concentrate on short comedy skits she was uploading on her Instagram page.

Lynda later got an opportunity and joined Da Beat on NTV which was a turning point.


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