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Prof John Ssebuwufu’s profile Former Kyambogo University’ chancellor



John Pancras Mukasa Lubowa Ssebuwufu, commonly known as John Ssebuwufu is a Ugandan aged 75,he is a chemist, academic and administrator. He was chancellor of Kyambogo University, Uganda’s second-largest public university from 2014-2022.

He was installed as chancellor on 19 February 2014, replacing Eric Tiyo Adriko, who had completed his two term tenure.He served from Feb 19-feb-2014 to February 2022.

Prof John was born in 1947. He attended Namilyango College for his middle and high school education in the 1960s. Then he joined Makerere University, for his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees, both in Chemistry.
In 1974, Prof John won a scholarship to study for a Doctor of Philosophy abroad at Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland, from which he graduated in 1977.

In 1979, Ssebuwufu was appointed as lecturer in the Department of Chemistry at Makerere University 1987, he became the head of the Chemistry Department at the 1990, he was elevated to the rank of professor and was appointed principal of the Institute of Teacher Education; now part of Kyambogo University. He served in that capacity until 1993 when he was appointed vice chancellor of Makerere University.
In February 2014, the President of Uganda appointed him chancellor of Kyambogo University.

Currently he has been replaced by Prof john okedi who is now the Chancellor kyambogo University.

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